Dukes of Awesome

Whither Talley-Whackers?

Darryl Talley

Nicknames: The Duke of Awesome, Spiderman, The Hammer

Fast Facts: Never missed a game in his 12-year Buffalo Bills career

Owned Dan Marino in college.

Owned Dan Marino in the pros.

Once sacked Dan Marino five times in a single game.

Played in all four Bills’ Super Bowl appearances.

Owns Dan Marino’s nightmares.

Wore Spiderman spandex. Was told it was against NFL policy. Wore it anyway.

Why the Dukes of Awesome:

Darryl Talley embodied the passion of Buffalo Bills fans on the football field. Tenacious, hard-working, tough as nails and loyal through thick and thin, Talley was the benchmark by which all Buffalo Bills heroes are now measured. This blog is inspired by that attitude.


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