Dukes of Awesome

If You Can Stomach It… by pinkjerseyssuck

“‘Fight on my men,’ Sir Andrew said, ‘a little I’m hurt, but not yet slain. I’ll just lie down and bleed a while then I’ll rise to fight again.'”  -Marv Levy, after XXV

Tonight (10pm) the NFL network is showing “America’s Game, The Missing Rings” for the 1990 Bills. If you’ve never seen an “America’s Game” I highly recommend it, it’s an excellent show.

Each episode of the show highlights the year of each Superbowl (winning) team. It features 3 members of the organization and someone famous usually narrates. They have chosen to create 5 episodes on those teams who, maybe, should have won. Buffalo’s will be narrated by one of the Baldwins, and the featured members are Marv Levy, Jim Kelly, and, you guessed it, our very own Darryl Talley. Hopefully they gave him some wiggle room to slam Dan Marino once more.

If you feel like a good cry, watch it. If you have the fortitude to get through it without crying, watch it. But if you’re glad the announcers for the Bulls game last week mysteriously avoided using the phrase “wide right” when they missed their game-winning field goal, maybe you shouldn’t. I’m going to watch it, painfully, in tears, and with shivers up my spine as I type this right now. Anything to see my Duke of Awesome. 


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