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“Bob Sanders”? More Like “Bob …He sucks. by buckybrooks
Why didnt anyone tell me Brett left?
“Why didn’t anyone tell me Brett left!?”
8 Thoughts on Bob Sanders.
  1. It is physically and nearly mathematically impossible to have a worse d-line then last year.   So he can’t be of much hurt.
  2. He was just fired, so maybe he can’t be of much help.
  3. His defense ranked near the bottom of the league, despite playing whatever QB scrub Minnesota started (twice); whatever QB scrub Detroit started (twice); and whatever QB scrub Chicago started (twice). 
  4. He went to Davidson, so it fits the profile of Bills coaches who are both book smart and lack personality.
  5. He coached at Duke, so he is well equipped to coach terrible talent.
  6. He coached at Florida in the 90s, so he is well equipped to coach beneath head coaches who are awful in the NFL.
  7. Despite the uncanny resemblance he is not related to Bob Sanders of the Colts
  8. He was fired for blowing too many fourth quarter leads, something he shouldn’t have to worry about in Buffalo, because the odds of us actually having a fourth quarter lead are as remote as the US government sucessfully spending their way out of this  budget deficit.  That’s right. 

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Thanks for ruining next year.

Comment by Nick

wow ur retarded and have no clue wat ur talkn about

Comment by big

ur a complete joke

Comment by big

o green bay top scoring defense last year w no offense yea das rite learn wat ur sayn dousch

Comment by big

FIRST OF ALL when Bob was at duke he was the co d coordinator and they won their first acc championship since 1965 so idk what you mean about no talent and your research is all off when he was at florida they were the best team in the ncaa hands down won 5 sec titles and a national championship and recruited a Heisman winner (weurffel) and 2 gator hall of famers ike hilliard and ridell Anthony among others you say he had the worst dline? he lead the nfc in sacks tool his defense lead the league in interceptions and scoring and he didn’t blow any fourth quarter leads if you knew anything youd know his last year in green bay aaron Rodgers threw an interception on game winning drives 5 out of the last 6 games of the season and we had one of the worst special teams in the league and we still had a #11 defense and the only reason he was fired in green bay was because he didnt switch to a 3-4 and sincve he left GB has yet to have a defense ranked under 30 and dom inherited a defense Bob matured himself even though all the guys didnt even FIT HIS SCHEME he made it work and statistically in the 3 years as gbs coordinator had the best overall defense in all combined categories (that was a nfl study done), and don’t forget the bears had rex grossman who took the bears to the superbowl and kyle orton in his prime and gus ferrot was a good qb for Minnesota and Detroit doesn’t matter we NEVER lost to them in GB and Davidson is an extremely intelligent school and its very hard to get into so hes definetly smart and you think he has no personality? you mustve talked to him for hours to come up to that conclusion huh…its tools like you who mess up peoples views acting like you know everything your scum and you know nothing good try tho fag and I know this was an old post but hopefully itlll wisen up your 40 year old living with your mother self…idiot

Comment by zrd

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