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Dick Jauron on Jim Rome! by humanclowns

Dick Jauron recently called into broadcasting guru Jim Rome’s show to talk about the Bills’ upcoming season. Here’s the transcript.

Dick Jauron exudes strength on Jim Rome

(“Lust for Life” plays)
Rome: Allright clones welcome back to the Jungle. With me now. Buffalo Bills coach. Man. Class Act. Dick Jauron. Dick, Rome.
DJ: Hi. Thanks for having me.
Rome: Dick, Jeff Francouer – Class?
DJ: Ummm…
Rome: Mans up. Speaks eloquently. Class. Man. Jeff Francouer.
DJ: I thought you wanted to talk about the…
Rome: Clones. Jeff Francouer. The Jungle. Interview. Replay in the best of.
DJ: Jim, I’m not especially concerned about Jeff Francouer.
Rome: Clones. Let’s go to email. “Rome – Why would you expect that I cheat on my wife? Do I look like a cheater? – Roger Clemens “…Jeff in Riverside with the Clemens bomb. Dick.
DJ: If we’re not –
Rome: Back To email. “Rome – Ced-“… Clones. Been in this business 20 years…2 kids…not my first Rocket bomb… “Rome – Cedric Benson has issues.”…signed…”Craig MacTavish”??? (buzzer sounds) Clones. Why do I get these mails? Is there a joke there?!? You are not funny…I on the other hand…Jauron.
Rome: Oh I get it. Craig MacTavish…DWI…HA-HA-HA. Who writes this garbage. Clones. Dick. The Jungle. Francouer. Class.
DJ: (hangs up)


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Comment by Josh

this is actually really funny if you imagine Rome’s voice

Comment by Not Me

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