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Well… by realwiley
December 17, 2008, 2:54 pm
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A lot has happened with the Bills since anyone updated this thing, all of which can be neatly summarized:

If you’re still there, please weigh in in the comments on the Jauron question. (i.e., should he be tarred and feathered in Niagara Square, or simply tied to an outbound Amtrak).


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Run over by a runaway Amtrak train in Niagara Square.

Comment by twoeightnine

That would require a train to move east to west in the city. Try again.

Comment by tgetman

All of your examples are too nice. I think he should be hog tied to the ice boom and left there until we bring it in at the end of the winter.

Comment by Tim Redinger

[…] out the pic and short article at https://talleywhackers.wordpress.com/2008/12/17/well/#comment-337.  Pretty much sums up everything the Bills have done since starting 4-0. If you liked that post, […]

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Tarred and feathered but he needs to be put in the stocks during the process, like they did in old England.

Comment by brian s.

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