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Buffalo = Euphoria by pinkjerseyssuck


A Perfect Euphoria

Sure, it’s snowing today. Sure, soon we’ll have the highest property taxes in the Country, and yes- our economy is not that great. But none of you can tell me your aren’t having the best year EVER right now. 

If you haven’t seen it, someone on facebook decided to start the group “God is just setting Buffalo up for glory” a few months back …and I couldn’t agree more. 

The BILLS are 5-1… FIVE AND ONE!! Like, 5 wins, only 1 loss. After 75+ votes on the last poll, the options of “They finally have a real QB,” “Buffalo’s got the spirit, talkin’ proud, talkin’ proud,” and “They have internal timeclocks, they don’t need electricity” are in a dead heat at 25% each. What does that tell you? The Bills are so awesome you can’t even decide why. Not to mention they could easily go 5-2 in their next 7 games, at least. Where would that put them? At 10-3;  their best record in an undisclosed number of years. The NFL seems to be in love with upset wins lately… are the Bills the next Superbowl contender? Is that really an upset if they are?!

The SABRES are also 5-(0)-1… FIVE AND (0) AND ONE! That’s even better than 5-1! Yes, I know the Sabres have about 76 more games to play, but it’s still fun an exciting to see them off to a great start. And it’s refreshing to see them so improved from last year- not only has Paille, Vanek, Lalaime, and even Peters stepped up- but the addition of Rivet has been nothing short of awesome while Miller is finally shining in his shoot-outs again. 

Even the BULLS can finally win games this year. 

The ECONOMY is not expected to torture Buffalo like it will the rest of the country. Not only did we not experience a bubble that could burst – but our real estate is holding steady and our job market is based heavily on health services and schools… 2 things that don’t feel the effects of recession like every other field. 

The PEOPLE have taken back power from the greedy politicians. West Seneca residents are scheduled to vote on a government downsizing referendum in West Seneca on November 17. 


So what does this all mean? Glory. It’s on the horizon. I can see it from my 9th floor office… and we can all feel it. In a time of economic hardship and shady politicians, Buffalo will bring hope to a country as the protagonist in the ultimate underdog story, and we’re all going to be a part of it. So enjoy the ride and takes lots of pictures so you can tell the story to your kids and grandkids of how Buffalo finally redeemed itself.