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Hasek Finally Retires, Stephane Beauregard Gets Last Laugh by pinkjerseyssuck

So he’s finally gone. No matter your feelings on him (Dominator or Domitraitor) you have to admit he was one of the best goalies, best players, and best Sabre to ever step foot on the ice. Which kinda sucks, considering lots of us in Buffalo love to hate him.

Some people call Hasek’s initial trade to Buffalo a “lop-sided” deal, considering we gave Chicago 1. Stephane Beauregard and 2. some future cosiderations. Sure Hasek won 6 Vezina Trophies, 2 William Jennings Trophies, and a couple of Harts while he was with the Sabres, but last I checked he never matched Beauregard’s “James Gatschene Memorial Trophy” he won while playing for the San Fran Spiders. So who really got the short end of the stick here?

Plus, when we finally dropped him, we got possibly one of the top-ten sounding names in the game, “Slava Kozlov.” If that doesn’t make you feel better about Hasek being “traded” in 2001, how about that fateful day in the late spring of 1999? He couldn’t even keep Hull out of the crease long enough to keep him from not-really-scoring. 96-97 was his fault too. What a baby. AND his nasty attitude caused the lock-out. But don’t quote me on that.

And yet, I feel best about getting rid of the league’s best goalie simply because he really was a toolbag, and we like nice guys around here. If you ever doubted his toolbag status, here’s a list of proof.

  • He essentially forced Ted Nolan out. (I love Lindy more than anyone but that was still tooly)
  • He then claimed to want to leave Buffalo to go to a “winning team” and before he even played his first game with Detroit said he only wanted to retire in that jersey.
  • He looks like a tool
  • He lied to Senators fans constantly during his post-Olympic injury about coming back, and never did (not that i feel bad for those fans, but again, still tooly)
  • He thinks he can fight
  • He already retired once
  • He’s a whiny baby

If you’re still not convinced, read this wonderful quote from gabeandizzy, promoters of his new clothing line.

  • “Although the company bears my nickname, and a lot of people will associate my hockey career with it because of this, Dominator Clothing is really about making great quality clothes for active people of all kinds, and encouraging them to challenge themselves with new “goals” [get it?!?!]. You can be 12 years old or a 55-year-old grandmother. We are all Dominators in one way or another.”


That was pretty off topic. So I’ll move on.

Now, we all know that Hasek may indeed return within 14 months of today to the NHL. His last retirement, of course, was only to “re-charge his batteries.” I think he was disappointed to return home to the CR only to find he wasn’t half as big as his own ego. Either way, I wouldn’t bet the house on this one. Considering he holds just about every other record a goalie or player can hold, I’m surprised he didn’t opt to go with “oldest player.” Course, Chris Chelios seems to be gunning for that one, and I don’t think even the great and wonderful Dominik Hasek would give him a hard time. However, on the day Hasek retired he was the oldest ‘active’ goaltender… if you want to call Chris Osgood making all your saves for you “active.”

So let’s all take a picture to remember the day Dominik Hasek retired. Again.