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Message Board Meathead, 5/2/08 by realwiley

We love Bills fans of any kind, but reading the team message boards, it’s clear that a few of them have spent a little too much time in Drive 5 standing by the exhaust pipe of their running RV. Perhaps while consuming a case or two of Genny Light.

For fun, we’ll occasionally feature one of these knuckleheads and expose them to collective ridicule and shame. Today’s Bills super-fan is actually a common one on the boards – the we-focused-too-much-on-special-teams-in-the-draft guy. From BB.com boards’ buffaloboy:

I’d say C+. We neeeded help on offense a lot more than we needed help on defense (especially after the moves we made in free agency). Also looked like WAY too much emphasis on special teams – yeah, ST is important (OK, real important), but it’s not 2/3 of your team

See, when a linebacker or running back or wide receiver is taken in late rounds, they ususally aren’t that talented. They’re taken in the hope that, someday, they may be developed into a starting-caliber linebacker, running back, or wide receiver, but in the meantime, they just serve as a body on special teams until this happens. (See DiGiorgio, John or Stamer, Josh).

This Einstein apparently believes that there were actually a ton of Poslusznys sitting around in the 6th round, but One Bills Drive just decided to go half-cocked and grab one of those special-teamers instead, because these front-office professionals just haven’t discovered buffaloboy’s brilliant draft strategy of drafting Pro-Bowl starters in rounds 1-7.

So good sir, you have the honor of the first Buffalo Bills Message Board Meathead of this blog. We raise our Genny Lights to you.