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Return of the K-Gun? by errantremark

Tim Graham has a post today that should set any Bills fan who remembers the Super Bowl years shaking with excitement.

He forecasts the return of the no-huddle offense to Buffalo.

The Bills have dangerous receivers Terrell Owens, Lee Evans and Josh Reed, versatile running backs Marshawn Lynch, Fred Jackson and Dominic Rhodes and quarterback Trent Edwards, who they believe can make quick decisions at the line of scrimmage.

“The no-huddle lends itself to guys that are big-play guys,” Wyche said, “because if you get a defense that’s just a little fatigued, just a little off their first-step quickness, and you get the explosive guys, they can hit the home run.”

Wyche, of course, is Sam Wyche – the coach who installed the offense with the Boomer Esiason Bengals, who inspired the Kelly-years Bills to do the same.

With a glut of skill players and what looks like a potentially reborn offensive line (Hangartner roughly equals Hull?), it is entirely possible. The one potential weak link? QB Trent Edwards.

But the no-huddle offense plays directly into Edwards’ strengths – he’s a fast decision maker, a quick release, and he’s smart. In fact, when the Bills opened last year 4-0, the hallmarks of the offense – quick strike throws, up-tempo rushing – were incredibly similar to a no-huddle offense, just run with huddles. Imagine that offense with more playmakers and less time for the defense to recover.

I’m excited just thinking about it.

Need more convincing? Remember when the K-gun established itself:


Heckuva Job, Indiana Engineers! by realwiley

The media got a tour of the brand-spankin’ new Lucas Stadium in Indianapolis, official home of the Colts.

Reviews were positive, but there was one small problem…

There are a few explanations for this, uh, interesting design, which the Indy Star tells us actually occurs in all four corners of the stadium:

  • In Indiana, this is where the non-believers sit
  • Hyper-patriotic engineer decided this was a good a place as any to have a 9/11 memorial
  • Those huge speakers that pump in crowd noise have to be held up somehow
  • Archie Manning’s new seats, to prevent camera cutaways that occur roughly 12 times per minute

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