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And Twins! by errantremark

Sabres Twins

Henrik: The embryo did split  in two, but…it didn’t split equally. All the purity and strength went into Tyler.

Derek: All the crap that was left over…

Henrik: Went into what you see in the mirror every morning.

Derek: Whoa. You telling me I’m the crap?

Tyler: This is not true.

Derek: You’re telling me that I am the leftover crap? I’m no good?

Tyler: He’s wrong.
Henrik: Look at him.

Derek: Are you saying that I’m a side effect?

Henrik: You haven’t got the brain power to understand this… but Yes.

(in case you’re too young to get this: source)


Demetrius Bell, Plugging Holes, Grading Roads by errantremark

We Dukes have been trying to figure out what Russ, Dick and Turk have in mind for filling Jason Peters’ spot since his trade to the Eagles. With the draft in the books, that picture is getting a bit clearer.

For 2009, we have Hangartner holding down center, Brad Butler/Andrew Levitre/Eric Wood at the guard positions in some order, Kirk Chambers/Seth McKinney at right tackle, and Langston Walker at the left tackle spot. (Sorry, Brian, but I don’t think two rookies start on either side of Hangartner this year).

That’s not an awful line, really – true, there aren’t any Pro Bowler’s on that lineup right now, but Wood & Levitre (or does Wood come after Levitre?) project as potential starters, Hangartner’s a good mentor, and Walker got the job done at left tackle to start the season last year. But at the same time, with so many linemen playing out of position, it might take some time to coalesce.

The real X-factor for a potential all-world Bills offensive line is our favorite spawn of Karl Malone: Demetrius Bell.

Last year’s 219th pick was a healthy scratch in all of last year’s games – he didn’t play a single down in a single game, yet the Bills kept him on the roster. And it might prove to be one of the shrewdest moves the Bills have done since converting Jason Peters – Bell is every bit the physical beast Peters was, albeit in a much more raw package.

But in his second year, Bell might be making the steps to become a big-time offensive lineman – at 6’5″, 300+, it won’t take much to make him simply serviceable, but he has the upside to grow into the lineman we always thought Peters would be (only less of a diva).

I Knew Canada Loved Hockey, But… by pinkjerseyssuck

I had no idea how much they loved the Sabres.

While I was glad MSG finally figured out it was a terrible idea to not broadcast this West Coast stretch of games, I was still aggravated to find out that MSG would only be showing the opposite team’s feed.  I’m annoyed enough when I have to watch the games on NBC, how was I going to put up with even more constant stroking of the other team’s ego? And to top it off, I have a satellite dish, so listening to wgr was not an option. 

Little did I know how much Edmonton and Calgary respects and, apparently, loves the Sabres.  I can’t say I’ve heard their feed while playing other teams, so it’s probably just that their undying love for the sport makes them respectful and impressed with every team, not just Buffalo.  But they almost seemed to focus more on Buffalo than their own teams.  They talked about how great our players are, how awesome Ryan Miller is, how good of a coach Lindy Ruff is, and they even mentioned the pigeon.  It wasn’t simple stats and news, it was genuine compliments and stories.  Even the Oiler’s fans were cheering for them at the end (NOT sarcastically, in my opinion).  I’m assuming they figured – “hey, there is no way we’re winning this game.  Let’s at least see a team score 10 goals.” 

It’s a weird concept to me.  I don’t at all think that Rick, Harry and Kevin are disrespectful to visiting teams.  But I do think that they definitely don’t make them a priority like Edmonton and Calgary did.  It sort of reminded me of the way a Buffalonian treats a tourist… “oh, you like it here?!? you want to spend money here?! you’re awesome! look how awesome our town is!”  It’s also the same reaction one receives when they tell a Canadian that they love Canada.  But do you think a New Yorker cares that much when someone from Dallas says they like it there?  Probably not.

I’ve both heard and experienced how polite and hospitable Canadians are (driving on the QEW aside).  In fact, I would be shocked if I didn’t make another new friend in Toronto next time I visit.  So maybe it’s the culture I’ve grown up in in America of hating your opponent and his mother.  More likely than not, it’s also because Buffalonians are bred as the underdogs and we react with an underdog mentality.  Yet taking all these things into consideration, I’m still pleasantly surprised with how highly the Sabres were regarded in these towns, especially for a team who this season has been, at best, average.  

I’m glad this whole fiasco with MSG went down, or I would not have experienced this shining illustration of the camaraderie and kinship that is so much a part of hockey in Canada.  No offense to Rick, of course, as his job is to announce for the fans in Buffalo – and we all know he does the best job in NHL.  But it’s always nice to get a dose of Canada.

NHL CBA Stays Closed… Yeah!! by pinkjerseyssuck

The NHL Players Association 30 member executive board voted unanimously today not to reopen the collective bargaining agreement with the league.  Although the terms of the CBA allow the players to open it up for renegotiation by May 18th of this year, the players have notified the league of no intention to do so.

Many players have commented that the national economy is in too bad a place for them to start renegotiating their CBA.  Another thing I love about hockey.  Maturity (Ruutu excluded).   

That means Hockey is safe again from the dreaded lock-out (not from skyrocketing salaries and low revenues, but a lock-out) until September of 2011.  Sleep tight, everybody.



Christmas Shopping for the Buffalo Fan by pinkjerseyssuck
Jingle Bills, Jingle Bills, Sabres all the way...

Jingle Bills, Jingle Bills, Sabres all the way...

Now that Halloween is over and Thanksgiving’s on the horizon, it’s time to start your Christmas Shopping! You’ll thank me when everyone you know gets the best gifts ever and loves you more than your siblings. 

Combining the 2 things I love the most, I’ve compiled an easy to use list of online and local retailers for your Buffalo-Sports themed Christmas shopping. Obviously, you can visit the Sabres Sotre/Bills Store (don’t forget to show your season ticket holder cards at each for your 10% off), but if you want to reach beyond the typical items, use this list. (*Just as a disclaimer, none of these businesses are paying me (or related to me), even though that would be nice.)

  • WeSellSportsOnline. This website has a huge selection of Sabres memoribilia (here) and Bills (here) for the collector in your life ranging all the way from classy for the boss to cheesy for the mailman. Positive? – lots to chose from and somewhat reasonably priced. Negative? – terrible user interface. You have to scroll through pages upon pages of uncategorized gifts. 
  • Everything Buffalo.  This is a small store located in a deserted hallway of the Main Place Mall. This is an ideal store for those of you sending gifts to loved ones who have left home. She sells a multitude of gifts ranging from baby clothing to ornaments and coasters to framed art. It’s not so much Buffalo Sports themed, but I wanted to give it a shout out because she does carry a lot of nice gifts. Positive? – good place to find “classy gifts.” Negative? – Main Place Mall hours (and location).  
  • New Sabrestyle” clothing line. This is the ideal gift for that teenage punk child/sibling/cousin of yours who decided he likes Anaheim/Detroit this year. Making him feel cool in Sabres clothing might set him straight. The women’s line is nice too. It’s available in the Sabres store, which is open M-F 10-5 and on game nights. Positive? – Youngins like it. Negative? – a bit pricey and only available for a limited time. 
  • Buffalo Sports Tees. This website sells one of my favorite t-shirts, “Lindy for Mayor ’10” Unfortunately, the men’s is retired and the women’s is out of stock. They have lots of other tees though, including a “Remember the Aud” shirt which I am so sure was copied from my recent post on third jersey ideas. Football shirts here, hockey here. Positive? – Unique, and if for some reason you want 24 of them, you can get a discount! Negative? – availablity. Shop early. 
  • CityLoveBuffalo sells shirts both online and at 830 Elmwood Avenue. They aren’t sports based but they are purely for Buffalonians. Positive? – Local retailer. Negative? – No sports merch. 

SPECIAL SPORTS WEARHOUSE DISCOUNT FOR DUKES OF AWESOME READERS!!!!!! The owner has graciously decided to give all of you special treatment. Enter Coupon Code HOLIDAY08 when checking out to receive a 15% discount on orders through December 10. Now you can spring for the stapler. You’re welcome.

  • City Made features merchandise made in the region. The Sabres page is blank but the Bills page has a few things. The prices aren’t bad. Positive? – Supporting local businesses. Negative? – There’s only like, 16 things for sale. 
  • Maverly’s is located on Main Street in Williamsville across from Butterwood’s. Similar to Everything Buffalo, it’s a great place to buy gifts for the people who have left home. You can shop online (gifts including sports here) but I HIGHLY recommend going to their actual location. There you can make up your own baskets or buy her pre-made ones. The owner is a true Buffalonian with a big heart and she’ll work with your price range and help you build the perfect gift. Plus nothing’s cuter than Williamsville at Christmas. Positive? – unique gifts. Negative? – can be pricey, but like I said, she’d work with your budget.
  • Football Fanatics. The Bills page is actually organized and they have a huge selection, including some things I didn’t find anywhere else (a gourd with a helmet and an innertube). The Sabres page is less organized but still better organized than Sports Warehouse/WeSellSportsOnline. There isn’t nearly as much Sabres stuff as there is Bills, and theres very little non-slug merchandise if you’re trying to get away from it. Positive? – organized and $4.99 flat rate 3-day shipping, which is nice. Negative? – all slug. 
  • CafePress makes shirts and accessories only your Buffalo friends will get, including “Lindy is my Homeboy,” “Top Shelf” buttons, and some others. They aren’t the best shirts to wear to an away game, but would be pretty entertaining in a sports bar. You can get the designs on other items like mouse pads, coffee cups, and messenger bags. My personal favorite‘s from the oh-so-awesome WGR skits.  They even have gifts for your basic Buffalonian and your pregnant wife. Positive? – wide range of choices and quick shipping; Negative? – LOTS to look through. 
  • If you have a baby, pet, or even a female to shop for, Spawty.net leads to Bills and Sabres gifts for them. If you’re only shopping for a man, don’t waste your time. They sell those weird metal purses, too, but I wouldn’t recommend buying one unless you know the female you’re buying for wants one. Positive? – reasonable. Negative? – very small selection.  
  • twoeightnine.com sells only t-shirts, including Bills shirts and Sabres shirts. They also sell a large variety of Beast Mode shirts. Positive? – unique shirts, and I suspect a coupon code will appear soon. Negative? – a little one-note
  • Buffalo Sports Merchandise is definitely the best site. You’ll find the lowest prices and most interesting stuff there, including some low price jerseys. Positive? – low prices. Negative? – There isn’t as huge a selection but it’s definitely worth visiting. It’s almost too good to be true.
  • New Era Store. Obviously you can shop online for hats, but come on, there’s a New Era store right downtown! It’s located at 160 Delaware Ave (between Mohawk and Huron) and has a much larger selection than you’ll find anywhere else. Positive? – selection. Negative? – They only sell hats. I think. 
Now of course this is not an exhaustive list, and if you have a site or store you frequent, please don’t hesitate on letting me kow about it and I’ll update the post. 
Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!!!

Sabres Tidbits by pinkjerseyssuck
October 29, 2008, 1:29 pm
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So a few tidbits of Buffalo Sabres news have surfaced today.

1- Ryan Miller will be co-hosting the downtown Christmas Tree lighting ceremony/opening of the Buffalo Place skating rink on November 23rd with…… SANTA! 

2- Adam Mair was handed the CBA’s largest fine of $2,500 today for yelling at someone who wasn’t even there, even though Neil started it by calling Mair a punching bag. Can we not make things illegal in a locker room hallway if they aren’t illegal in real life? My gosh. Guess what NHL?- if I run up to someone’s front door while they aren’t home and yell at them, they can’t sue me. They can’t do anything but tell me to stop it. If you’re going to be overprotective, then at least be consistent. (i.e. DON’T be overprotective)

3- Derek Roy says playing in the IIHF is like playing for the Stanley Cup. I bet losing there isn’t half as bad as losing to Carolina.

4- Dave Ogrean loves us.

5- Goose is back in his roost.

6- Autographed hats will be sold in the arena tomorrow night pre-game ($20 eahc) for the “Hockey Fights Cancer” campaign. Probably some of the cheapest autopraghed Sabres merchandise you can find.



We Won! by pinkjerseyssuck

Buffalo will be the 2010-2011host to the IIHF World Under-20 Championship. Take that Grand Forks! HA!

And like I said before, no need to thank me for convincing them to have it here. 

Want to help the region make some money? Volunteer here: http://www.buffaloworldjuniors.com/volunteer.asp