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The Bills’ Linebacking Corp Becoming the All-Name Team by errantremark
May 12, 2009, 11:08 am
Filed under: Bills Obsession

Since the Bills need a linebacker, it has been odd they have remained quiet on the free agent front for so long, and conspicuously did not draft an LB last month.

But Tim Graham tipped the world that the Bills are hosting a new FA linebacker with potential for the most polysyllabic jersey-stretching potential since London Fletcher-Baker added a hyphen and occupation to his name.

They’re hosting Pisa Tinoisamoa this week, the former Rams standout and all-time vowel holder.

Should the Bills sign this cat, they get a guy that, oddly enough, is the same kind of player Fletcher-Baker was, and one that would seriously fill gaps in the current LB corp. Tinoisamoa is a tackling machine, like F-B, and though undersized, was consistently effective and would shore up the weak side, where the Bills currently have the overmatched and under-spelled Keith Ellison.

Thus, I implore 289 to design a new fab four shirt with the Bills linebacking corp:



Corto& (or Costanzo& or DiGiorgio& but not Keith& cuz it’s boring)



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