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Better Know A Draft Pick: Ellis Lankster by errantremark

Back when we were posting regularly, the Dukes profiled each some of the Bills 2008 draft picks. So we’re gonna give it another go. Up first: Ellis Lankster.

Ellis Lankster

Ellis Lankster

Position: DB
Height: 5′ 9″
Weight: 191
College: West Virginia
Hometown: Whistler, AL

Why he’s awesome: He used to be fat, but he dropped the weight because he wanted the rock!

Why we like him: This late in the draft, no player is a guarantee, but we always have a soft spot for Bills’ picks from West Virginia.

Why we don’t: He’s got a rap sheet. We hope he’s matured since then, but…well.

Tidbit about Whistler, AL: For a small town, Whistler has a history of good athletes: Baseball Hall of Famer Billy Williams (not Billy Dee, unfortunately), Ravens tackle Willie Anderson….that’s it. But that’s like 15% of Whistler’s population.

Rumor about Lankster that started RIGHT HERE: That arrest mentioned above? Well we have it on no authority that Lankster is totally cool with being an extremely late round draft pick. The man is a business man, pure and simple – as if Stringer Bell and Avon Barksdale were combined in one, compact package with mad ups. True, the Bills have a bunch of defensive backs, and true, you can never have too many. But the Bills aren’t looking for him to play too much – there’s bills to pay.

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