Dukes of Awesome

We’d never McDaniels YOU, Trent. You know we love you. by errantremark

Dear Trent,

Hey, baby, we just wanted to drop you this note before things get, you know, out of hand. You know we’ll always love you and would never do you dirty, especially for some bitch-ass quarterbacks. Sure, we talked some game about trading you for  that ho Jay Cutler, but it was just game, baby! That’s just how the business works, you know that! We were just throwing smoke screens out there – we don’t REALLY think Cutler is better than you – you’re all clutch, baby!

I’m not trippin, baby – I’m not just saying this because Jay’s already taken by those Chicago skanks Bears. And don’t mind FTLT – you know they’re the jealous sort. Not like us, baby. We know we got something good goin here and would never do anything to ruin it.

After all, who took a chance on your broke down sexy ass. Remember, we left our hirsute former love for you.  And who got you that shiny new toy you wanted? You and I both know it’ll make our relationship hotter higher maintenance sexier stronger.

So, you know, just cuz we talked about it, let our fans talk about it, came up with scenarios in which it could happen, figured out how it might make sense, how it might make us better and scoped out that big, big Cutler-arm, it was only that: talk.

Who loves ya baby?

Now come give us some sugar touchdowns. No you can’t have more money.


The Dukes of Awesome.

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