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Sorry Trent – Cutler to the Bills makes sense by errantremark

Let me start by saying this: I really like Trent Edwards. I think almost all Bills fans do. He’s smart, he’s accurate, and he’s talented.

But he’s also injury prone. Always has been too – part of that is from playing behind lackluster offensive lines at both Stanford and with the Bills, but, well, he always seems to be dinged pretty good. It’s not that I don’t think he’s tough, but some guys just don’t have the luck. And based on his history, Trent’s talents might be overcome by luck.

Which is why, unfortunately, the Bills should make a grab for Jay Cutler. Yes, MendolaBills fan message boards, FTLT et. al, you’re on to something.

Comparing most (yearly) stats, Cutler is measurably better across the board – more TDs, more passing yards, higher passer rating. You could argue that Edwards has a better win-loss record and better 4th quarter stats – and you’d definitely be correct – but overall, it’s hard to argue with Cutler’s Pro Bowl selection last year, and his ability to absolutely take over games. He also had to make up for absolutely horrendous Denver defenses in his tenure as starter.

Trent Edwards Bills QB

I truly believe Trent Edwards is and will be a really good quarterback, and I’d honestly be content if the Bills kept him (especially with Brian Galliford’s projections + TO). But the Bills are in the unique position of having a skill-rich offense (Marshawn, Evans, Reed, Steve Johnson, TO, and whichever tight end the Bills draft) and assets desirable to the Broncos, namely a quality starter in Trent Edwards and draft picks.

What it ultimately comes down to is ceiling:

Trent Edwards is a talented, smart quarterback with an adequate arm who is injury prone. Best comparison: Chad Pennington. A very good quarterback, and you can win with him.

Jay Cutler Broncos QB

Jay Cutler is constantly compared to Brett Favre, but a more apt comparison (and what sends Bills fans into a tizzy) is Jim Kelly. A big, smart QB, rocket arm, and attitude. I think Cutler has gotten a bad rap in this whole scenario, as both Cutler and the Broncos have behaved, well, oddly in their falling out. But remember that screaming match Cutler got into with Philip Rivers and the entire San Diego bench? And then the fact that he f@cking won?

That’s badass like Jimbo. Which is why the Bills should probably consider it.

Jim Kelly Buffalo Bills QB Great

(PS, I know Mendola already did the Jimbo-Jay comparison. He is quite awesome and dashing.)


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I agree…Trent is never going to be Considered one of the best QBs in the league..Cutler already is/will be

Comment by Endless Ike

Cutler to the DA Bears! How do you think Jay Cutler will fair in Chicago? I don’t know if he can take criticism very well, may not be a good fit. Plus no WRs to throw to!

Bills would have been a great fit, but a hot head duo of Cutler/Owens would’ve been scary!

Comment by Will

Well that really takes the wind out of our sails.

Comment by tgetman

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