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Bills Season Ticket Price Remains Constant – But the Cost Rises by pinkjerseyssuck

The Bills announced last week that Season Ticket prices will not be going up.  (This is where you are all expected to applaud and give honor and adulation to Mr. Wilson.)

My first reaction to this?  “Duh.”

It’s common knowledge by now that we as Bills fans are indeed stuck between a rock and a hard place- either we support the team no matter what or we will feel partly responsible if it leaves-  and the front office DEFINITELY knows we all feel that way.  

Yet, not only did the Bills fail to make the playoffs yet again, despite promises to the contrary– but we fans are stuck purchasing not 1, but 2 completely terrible pre-season games again.  The only upside of this Toronto thing to the average season ticket holder was that he or she didn’t have to pay regular season ticket price for TWO pointless, unentertaining, and underskilled football games.  Honestly, a STH (look I used a cool abbreviation for “season ticket holder”) is lucky if he can get $10 for one of those tickets.  Personally, we donate ours to our Church’s youth group.  So while the ticket price has not gone up, my bank account will be taking a bigger hit this year.  I know I’m getting “another game” out of it, but the simple truth is I’m paying more money and getting less utility per dollar, which, as a staunch utilitarian, is disappointing to say the least.

Now I know that preseason ticket prices are all the NFL’s fault and blah blah blah but the simple solution is that the Bills should have made Toronto take a yearly preseason game.  Let the rich guys take those of our hands.  Why not?  That way when no one came to the games, it would have looked like a normal pre-season game and not like there’s absolutely no hope in Canada for the NFL.  That’s the quintessence of win-win.

By the way everyone… although somewhat off topic I feel compelled to tell you that the Ralph accepts Canadian dollars AT PAR.  Depending on how many beers and hotdogs you buy each season, this is practically currency trading. 


Look, its a Canadian Rainbow

Look, it's a Canadian Rainbow

So yes, I’m going to buy the seasons again.  But I’m stocking up on Candaian change and I’m not sending old Ralphie a thank you note.  




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They make $200 bills in Canada? How looney.

Comment by tgetman

tegetman – those are euros in that picture – not Canadian dollars. There is no $200 bill in Canada.

Comment by J B

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