Dukes of Awesome

They Say that Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fungus by pinkjerseyssuck

…I love a Canadian sport so I couldn’t help but quote a Canadian band.

That’s right, everybody, it’s been a long time since I posted and even longer since I stalked Dani’s blog. But I’m back, and man will you be sick of me soon.

A lot has happened since I went on my personal hiatus. So here’s a highlight of all my “favorites.”

  • Ruutu, you’re a coward.  I mean, really?  Biting?  I don’t even know how to handle that.  Neither did the entire arena when you did it.  Seriously, we all sat there in complete shock and awe trying to figure out- nay, absorb- what you had just done. 
  • 7-9.  Boy was I wrong.  Well, I was only wrong about liking him. I wasn’t wrong about getting used to his presence in Buffalo.  Unfortunately.
  • In sharp contrast to the Bills situation, Lindy Ruff is still awesome.  In fact, he may even be more awesome.  If possible.
  • I bought a house.  Totally unrelated to the content of this blog but you should still be happy for me.
  • The Bisons have a new uniform.  It feels weird without Big Russ’ approval.  It also feels weird having 3 completely different looking jerseys.  Good thing I’m not a baseball fan.
  • The CARDINALS made the Superbowl.  You know, that football team from Arizona that we could always say “oh, at least we’re better than the cardinals” about?  Them. 
  • The Bills made the S[o]uperbowl.  But we lost that one, too.
  • Bucky Brooks watched Tony Gonzalez pee in the bathroom of a KC bar and then told him off for not coming to Buffalo.  Amazing.  He’s my hero (Bucky, not Tony).  
  • MAC CHAMPS BABYYYYYY.  Too bad we lost the Bowl game… but it had to be embarassing for UConn’s GIGANTIC band that UB’s band was somehow still significantly louder, right?  Seriously, they had about 40 sousaphones.  Pathetic.  Also, no one could tell who this guy was rooting for when they would put him on the jumbotron.   Someone tell him UConn’s blue is dark blue, not UB Blue.  Idiot.  Lastly, I was really happy to see so many students/fans at the game… but unhappy to hear that they have already forgotten the lyrics to the fight song our class[es] tried so hard to learn.  

In my next post… the long awaited review of the Dukes’ trip to Miami.  Man, I hate Miami.  




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