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The Presidential Candidates and their Respective Professional Sports Teams by pinkjerseyssuck
So we all know that the election, for most of us, is a choice between the lesser of 3 2 evils. For those of you who have not yet decided who is more “evil,” I have compiled a list of teams to which each candidate resembles most clearly. Obviously this is useless if you live in NY state where your vote doesn’t really matter, considering the democratic party could put a ham sandwich on the ballot and NYC would still vote for it, but it’s a good read anyways. Hope this helps you elusive undecided voters. 
Barack Obama 
  • Toronto Maple Leafs – ferouciously loved by their fans and hated by everyone else. 
  • Charlotte Bobcats – there’s no team with only 173 days of experience, so they were the closest at only 4 years
  • Oakland Raiders – They were in LA and then moved to Oakland. Maybe they were originally born in Oakland. Maybe not.
  • NY Yankees – they too bought their own TV channel to try and win fans
John McCain 
  • Montreal Canadiens – hit 100 old years this month
  • Boston Red Sox- originally they were the cute underdog everyone was pulling for. Now that they’ve won the nomination world series everyone’s sick of them
  • Dallas Cowboys – have lots of money and don’t know how to spend it to win
  • Detroit Redwings – the conservative play team
Ron Paul
  • Carolina Hurricanes – no one cares about or watches them
  • Buffalo Bandits – even though they won their championship, no one knows about their third party sport anyways
  • New York Jets/Islanders – second rate
Ralph Nader
I hope I was of some help to some of you.  

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love it! great stuff. you nailed it.

Comment by DaddyMike

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