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Sabres v. Rangers Preview With Stats That Don’t Really Mean Much by pinkjerseyssuck

So, the Rangers have decided that they want to get their best season start in franchise history tonight, 6-0. (Which looks super lame next to 10-0, in my opinion.) Well too bad, Rangers. You stole our captain, you’re not stealing our thunder too. If you win the Sabres can’t go 82-0 this year so move out of the way.

Just because you beat the Devils doesn’t mean I’m impressed. The Sabres need this win tonight to legitimize their awesomeness this year. So even though Yoh-yoh has a broken finger (meaning Ellis is in!), the Sabres are still going to win. And here’s why:

Buffalo went 4-0 against the Rangers in 2006-07. The Rangers went 4-0 against the Sabres in 2007-08. Obviously, logic tells you that it’s the Sabres turn to go 4-0 against the Rangers. Duh. 

If only Jagr was still there…

Can't stay on your feet Jagr? Can't stay on your feet?

Can't stay on your feet Jagr? Can't stay on your feet?




photo courtesy of AP photo


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Plus, Thomas is scoring 123 goals this year. We’ve got this in the bag.

Comment by danielleia

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