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My Thoughts on the Newest News by pinkjerseyssuck

I know you’ve all been waiting for my witty opinions on things, and if you haven’t don’t tell me because it will hurt my feelings. So here’s a few new happenings in and around Buffalo for you to read about:

1.  “SabresStyle” clothing line – Somewhat undecided. Looking at it I am immediately reminded of my younger (in high school) cousin. She has good taste. The problem is, do I want to be reminded of high school girls when I’m looking at Sabres clothing? This is walking a very fine line between cool and Pink Jerseys. And I won’t get into Pink Jerseys again. I’m thinking the clothes are nice, and I’ll opine that I like them, but they are not to take the place of a Jersey or team colors at a game. 

2.  The Goat Head Jersey – Enough already. I feel like this could go without saying, but I was surprised at the incredible amount of red and black at the HOME opener. Enough with the red and black jerseys already, especially when we play a team whose colors are red, okay?!? You look like Carolina/Ottawa/Montreal/Detroit etc etc fans. We get it, you liked the Sabres in the 90s. Cut it out and go buy an $8 T-shirt at Wegmans. But if you’re going to wear the shirt as long as you’ve been wearing the Goat head, stay away from the slug cause it’ll be gone.

3.  The Bills’ Bye Week- productive? Maybe. 

  • +       Apparently Roscoe is “ahead of schedule” …yet I question what “ahead” of 4-6 weeks means. 3-5? As long as he’s back for the Miami trip I’ll be happy. 
  • +/-   Rumors floating around BillsInsider said Edwards was looking good and ready to play, but the same guy* told us our bus would work. (*He’s a nice guy, I’m just not buying another bus from him. I harvest no ill will otherwise.) Considering there’s just as many reports circling that he’s not okay as there is that he is ok (Adam schefter says the Bills might rest him if he’s still borderline), I guess we wait. But he’s practicing!
  • +       Jason Peters likely had some more time to actually learn how to play for the Bills. Bum. 
  • –       Number One Seven probably didn’t get any better over the past week. 
  • +       By doing absolutely nothing, the Bills maintained their first place standing. Next up? A string of games which will determine who the Bills really are- first we play a team the Pats lost to last night and then 3 divisional games in a row, 2 on the road. Blatant unfair scheduling aside, it should be an exciting run. 


4.  The West Seneca Town Board – Jerks. Stop wasting MORE of the residents’ money just so you can stay in office for another… oh wait, it won’t keep you in office any longer. You’re in the same group as the Goat Heads. Cut it out already. Let West Seneca Vote!!!

5.   A 2pm Sabres game on a day I have to work even though I work at a law firm and all the courts are closed and the boss didn’t come in – Crappy. So no one tell me anything cause I’m DVRing it at home and pretending it’s taking place live at 7pm tonight. According to Dirk Daniels because the Sabs are in 8th place, if they lose tonight the Isles can skip over them and take their playoff spot. Playoffs here we come!

6.   Tony Gonzalez? Bring Him On!!!

  • Update! He’s a jerk. Changed my mind. 

7.   Will Deleware North Owner Jeremy Jacobs sell the Bruins to buy the Bills? – Heck Yea he will! He can say the Bruins aren’t for sale until he’s blue in the face… but read between the lines. “Mr. Jacobs hopes the team stays in his family for many generations.” If he hands the team to his son tomorrow, he hasn’t sold it AND he can buy the Bills. <jubilant trumpet sound> Now all we need is for Ralphie to sell the Bills before his family gets their fingers on them.

8.   Christmas is in the Air? Should you start your Christmas shopping? – Heck yea again! Stay tuned in for your exclusive Christmas Shopping guide for Buffalo Sports fans. I love Christmas. 




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Welcome to the cult of the “Cone of Silence”. We’ve been waiting for you.

Comment by Ryan

Be careful what you wish for for wanting Jeremy Jacobs to buy the Buffalo Bills, he just might be the worst owner in all of sports, need proof check out http://www.pleasesellthebruins.com

Comment by Brett Carson

I’ve been waiting for your witty opinions.

Comment by danielleia

lol well according to the website provided by Brett, Jacobs could help the Bills not get to the superbowl more. Unfortunately, I’ll take a losing team over no team 😦

Comment by pinkjerseyssuck

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