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Bills Got You Down? Here’s a Free Lift- by pinkjerseyssuck

Considering the utter disappointment you must definitely feel after yesterday’s atrocious display of “football” by the Bills, here’s a list of things to brighten your day:

1. Kevin Gaughan’s downsizing plan went to court this morning after being challenged by a “citizen” (aka politician’s toadies). Judge Mintz in Erie Supreme Court found in favor of Gaughan and “TheCost” and the movement continues in West Seneca. If you’re a resident, remember to vote for (or, if you so chose for some reason, against) the proposition to downsize this November.

2. If JP Loserman had to play a game this season, at least it was one we were probably going to lose anyways.

3. Buffalo Sabres hockey starts this Friday against Montreal. Ah, hockey.

4. It’s sunny out.

5. Edwards gets an extra week to recover from his concussion because of the Bills’ bye next week. 

6. Gas prices are actually going down.

7. The Erie Canal Harbor has a website (http://www.eriecanalharbor.com/) Dare I say Future Waterfront?

8. If you bought a house you couldn’t afford in the first place, you might be getting lots of money from the government to pay your mortgage for you.

9. The logo at center ice in HSBC is the “throw back” logo… which tells ME that the banana is on it’s way out with the pink jersey.

10. You’re a Buffalonian.

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I don’t see how the ERie Canal Harbor can be considered the “Gateway to the West.” Isn’t that already taken by the Arch in St. Louis? Gateway to Canada or Gateway to the Midwest maybe.

Comment by brian s.

I think the center ice logo is getting switched back, though. Thought the NHL had said that the third jersey logos were being used just for the pre-season.

Comment by TheTick

the logo is definitely still there. it’s a lot deeper than the advertising logos- it would be quite the project to remove and change it.

Comment by pinkjerseyssuck

[…] 2.  The Goat Head Jersey – Enough already. I feel like this could go without saying, but I was surprised at the incredible amount of red and black at the HOME opener. Enough with the red and black jerseys already, especially when we play a team whose colors are red, okay?!? You look like Carolina/Ottawa/Montreal/Detroit etc etc fans. We get it, you liked the Sabres in the 90s. Cut it out and go buy an $8 T-shirt at Wegmans. But if you’re going to wear the shirt as long as you’ve been wearing the Goat head, stay away from the slug cause it’ll be gone. […]

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