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Sabres Third Jerseys that Didn’t Make the Cut by pinkjerseyssuck

So this week the Sabres unveiled their new third jersey. I LOVE it. It’s just about everything I love about jerseys and the Sabres. If anyone wants to donate one to the TalleyWhackers, I’d like a Jochen Hecht, please.

What everyone hasn’t seen are those third jersey designs that were rejected. Seeing as I was on the committee that chose the newest jersey, I have the exclusive list of those that fell on the cutting room floor. Here they are:

1. The Aud Commemorative Jersey

reason passed on: too sad

2. The re-vamped puck

reason passed on: still ugly

3. Similar to Buster Bison, Sabretooth

reason passed on: too intimidating

4. Bills Logo

reason passed on: we didn’t lose the Bills yet

5. Barney Hair-do

reason passed on : couldn’t afford the copyright

6. Angry Banana

reason passed on: two wrongs don’t make a right

7. We Hate the Leafs

reason passed on: we refuse to spell leaves wrong

8. I ❤ Buffalo Hockey

reason passed: no way to distinguish real fans from the cheap-os who wear these shirts to the games

9. Current logo ugly-fied

reason passed on: we hated these colors all along

10. Last and least, the Pink Jersey.

reason passed on: Pink Jerseys Suck. Failed so miserably, in fact, that the NHL now has them on clearance! The word is spreading! Boycott pink jerseys!

If you loved any of these jerseys more than the beautiful new one, you’re an idiot. And it’s too late anyways. See you at the games…


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I don’t think they should have f’ed with the throwback.

Comment by Josh

I happen to think that the Sabretooth jersey is pretty awesome.

Comment by tgetman

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the Sabretooth jersey kept scaring even our own players, and they couldn’t get anything done.

Comment by pinkjerseyssuck

[…] was my favorite by far.  Go check the other rejects over at Dukes of Awesome. Introducing the new Rogaine Sabres Hairpiece made of ultra-secret space […]

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Comment by Jim

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