Dukes of Awesome

Anyone Else Annoyed? by pinkjerseyssuck

Okay, so you’ve all heard about Brady’s injury by now (yes, he is on IR!), and if you haven’t, you probably landed on this site actually searching for the Duke of Awesome. And of course, Buffalo fans are elated… if we’ve ever had a chance to make the playoffs again, this is it. 

So why all the friggin Jets talk? Ok, so they have Brett Far-va… they’re still the Jets!! Give us some credit, sports commentators. And keep in mind, please, that the Jets have only beat Miami, and only by 6 points.

You know, 1-15? That Miami? 

And the Bills ROMPED Seattle. You know, 10-6, 1st in the NFC West? That Seattle.

Man oh man. Even the bleacher report ignored the Bills chances. At least Bill Cowher has our backs. All I’m asking for is a little respect. But I suppose an underdog is an underdog for life.

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God, my heart bleeds for poor Tommy. Well, at least he won’t have those pesky football contests to participate in that keep getting in the way of railing Brazillian supermodels and impregnating B-List actresses and shelling out millions and millions of dollars for mounds of dirt in CA.

So, I guess that’s our silver lining…

Comment by M.J.

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