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Sweet stability: Setting the Sabres’ up in Buffalo for the long haul by buckybrooks

So the Sabres have some new owners, in some sense. Good for them.


No really – good for them. I’m sure that people are fired up that Larry Quinn has more power, or the Tom G. is potentially selling the Sabres piece by piece, but I believe that this could actually be a good thing.


When Tom Golisano saved the team (and yes, many tend to forget that he did save the team) he made it known that for all intensive purposes he’d be a bridge between the previous failed ownership and the next group to buy the team. Golisano had never been a big sports guy. He didn’t buy the team to fulfill some childhood sports dream; rather he bought the team because the team matters to the people of WNY. And it’s extremely likely that without him we wouldn’t have the Sabres right now. Remember how close to losing the team we were after Hamister’s bid failed? The team was a financial mess, no other ownership group was stepping up, and all we could do was put up “S.O.S – Save Our Sabres” stickers on some lampposts.


So Tom came and did his part. He bought the team. He made them financially viable. And now he’s willing to set them up with the next ownership group – on his terms. And the problem with this is? Golisano is going on 67 years old. No one in his family has any interest in running the team. Do we really want a Ralph Wilson-esque problem on our hands if he dies in 5 years? The big problem with the Bills is that there is no succession plan in place, and that’s all you hear people complain about on the radio and newspaper. And now Golisano wants to set up the next owners (owners that will keep the team in Buffalo, no questions) and suddenly that’s a problem.


So good for the Sabres. By being proactive in the ownership situation we can ensure the Sabres will remain right here in Buffalo. And considering how little we can take for granted, that I’ll take.

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