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Open letter to Jason Peters: Actions speak louder than (no) words by errantremark
September 4, 2008, 10:23 am
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Dear Jason,

Hey, how’s it going? I hear your unexpected vacation has been going well – I hope the R&R hasn’t left you too rusty.  Or immobile.

I just want to say, we really miss you around here. Your smile, your frown, your incredible dance moves. (I know your style is more groove than krump, but still, you got skillz.)

That being said, your teammates really have stepped up in your absence. Particularly one of your new captains, Lee Evans:

Evans moving on: Wide receiver Lee Evans was hoping to get a contract extension finalized before the start of the regular season, but it looks like it’s not going to happen, not that he seems too disappointed.

“It’s not really a distraction for me, like I said before,” Evans said. “I just come out and try to play as well as I can every day. The contract and that stuff will take care of itself. It’s not a distraction for me or anyone on this team; we are just focused on playing football.”

I know you’re one of the best at your job, being left tackle, and an integral part of the Bills potential success, but so is Lee Evans. I would even argue Lee Evans is more important than you. He also has history as one of the best at his position. Hell, he’s our number one receiver – the guy who made Eric Moulds expendable.

But even though he deserves a new contract, he’s showed up to camp. He’s showing up to play. And you know what? The Bills are working out a new deal with him. True, it hasn’t been finalized, but you see by his above comments, he knows it’ll work out.

You might feel the Bills front office is playing hardball with you. They’re not. Just like a parent with a temper tantrum-throwing child, they’re ignoring you until you come around. I hate to reduce your tactics to child-like behavior, but if Steven Jackson and Larry Johnson – two, well, less-than-mature fellows – can work something out with their teams, I think you can too.

So please suck it up and come to Buffalo. You’ll get your deal. You deserve it. But your team – and your teammates – also deserve the respect of you showing up to do your job.

Thanks – now I have to get back to work before my co-workers feel I’m disrespecting them by taking time to myself.



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Call me bitter but I feel like Kramer driving on an empty tank of gas. It’s gone this far, let’s see how much further he can take it!

I’m rooting for him to rot away the rest of his contract.

Comment by talkinproud

OH MY GOSH peters must have read this post. he’s coming to practice on saturday!!!!

Comment by pinkjerseyssuck

[…]       Jason Peters likely had some more time to actually learn how to play for the Bills. […]

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