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Demetrius Bell, Madden’s Mr. Irrelevant. by errantremark

JOHN MADDEN YOU BASTARD. EA Sports? You’re dead to me.


Demetrius Bell is the lowest rated player in Madden.

Curses! You are totally messing with a promising rookie’s head! I mean, he’s Karl Malone’s illegitimate son! He’s got lineage! I heartily disagree with your ranking system.

I hate you and your confidence-damaging ways. I mean, D-Bell is totally crushed:

‘That’s nothing to me.’ It makes me feel even better because this time next year, I want to see what my rating is.”

Wait, what? That’s motivation? So wait, EA Sports, you gave a player with a massive chip on his shoulder even MORE reason to kick ass?

Thank you, John Madden and EA Sports. This is bulletin board material in the Bills’ locker room. I certainly hope you didn’t rank Marshawn Lynch below someone like Ronnie Brown.

OHSHIT. I smell a hit and run.

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You know, the last person to be the lowest rated player went out and made the Pro Bowl…

I’m not saying, I’m just saying…

Comment by Ryan

What about Jason Peters being the highest rated O-lineman in the game? Madden has both screwed us and provided motivation in the same season.

Comment by tgetman

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