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Reviewing JP Losman’s Beard by errantremark
The Beard of Destiny

The Beard of Destiny

I’ve always liked J.P. Losman. And I’ve always liked beards. As a summer beard cultivator myself, I consider myself an expert on analyzing Mr. Losman’s (beards convey distinction) facial hair.

In a nutshell: Good form, Number One.

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Yes! We were just talking about this at our house earlier. That is a truly kick-ass beard and I applaud JP for it.

Comment by Heather B.

I should have a beard like that, but my beard style, much like most of my style, can be categorized as “lazy.” One of these days, man…

Comment by Ryan

A+++++++++++++ J.P.

I hope the beard brings him good luck this season as once again I have rolled the dice and selected him as my fantasy football starting QB

I’m such an optimist.

Comment by M.J.

COMMANDER RICKER! Looove him. I had such an old man crush on him when I was like 8 and watching that show with my dad. Nice move, errant.

Comment by pinkjerseyssuck

Ryan, I have the exact same beard style…it grows until my wife complains.

Comment by TheTick

Nice and detailed beard evaluation. I love it. Yes to JP!

Comment by danielleia

[…]       Number One Seven probably didn’t get any better over the past […]

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Jp looks like the Zohan, and plays like a Lohan. Goodbye this year to the Zohan..thank god. Make room for Trent’s back up…. the one and only Michael Vick! And yes I trust that nigga with my dog. Edwards/Vick 09!!!!!

Comment by Keith

[…] Slowly the football season is coming upon us, and I can’t tell you how excited I am. We will start posting more about the Bills very soon. It’s a shame none of us were able to hit training camp this year, because if you haven’t got a good look at J.P.’s manbeard, I’d take a gander at this. […]

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