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IIHF World Under-20 Championship by pinkjerseyssuck

Hey-O! If you’re a super cool Sabres Insider like me, then you know Buffalo is a finalist for the super cool 2011 IIHF World Under-20 Championship. The event is pretty (excuse me, super) cool because most of the kids that play, especially for America, Canada, and the Slavic teams, eventually enter the NHL. So it’s like college football to real football but way cooler cause it’s hockey (and translates better, imho)(ha! I used imho. I’m in 2000 on aol IM). There’s 10 countries, 31 games, and 12 days (so some would be played at Niagara U, but all the final games are played in the arena).

The other 2 cities in contention are Minneapolis-St. Paul and Grand Forks. So here’s my breakdown as to why Buffalo should get it.

– I’ve never heard of Grand Forks (is this it?). And I was an American Geography major in fourth grade. So, that’s pretty major.

– Minneapolis-St. Paul and that other city have both hosted the Championship already! So for fairness sake, it’s our turn. Come on.

– Um, newest Hockeytown? Hello?

-Our proximity to Toronto and Montreal ensures the team Canada games will sell out

– Of all the American NHL cities, Buffalo has the most 18-34 year old male fans, the most female fans, AND the most high-income fans, even with our economy and population in a not-so-great spot.  Our fans/residents have a huge passion for Hockey and will indeed attend most games, and definitely sell lots of them out

– We have awesome food and a giant waterfall to offer to everyone who shows up

– We could use the money

-Lots of Sabres have played in the event, 17 at last count, including our boys Stafford, Vanek, Roy, Mair, Connolly, Sekera, Paetsch, and even my man Schutz. So these kids need to start figuring out how to get around town.

-Minneapolis-St.Paul is 2 cities. Not fair.

Please feel free to add more reasons. I’ll keep you updated on the negotiations (meaning once they choose). And there will be no need to thank me when we win, everything I do I do for the sport and the city, not for myself. Thank you.

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