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Who’s Awesome? I’m Awesome. And Reggie Corner is too. by pinkjerseyssuck

Just wanted to give y’all an update on our dear old Reggie Corner[back]…

Apparently, he’s kicking butt and taken names. Make sure you watch him tonight. He’s been giving McLovin’ AND YourBooty a run for their money. Plus, he has his own blog! Just like us! I commend Akron on his actually-decent writing skills.

A little excerpt from the Buffalo News training camp report:

Rookie cornerback Reggie Corner continues to make plays around the ball. He had a good breakup of a pass for James Hardy in seven-on- seven work Tuesday. Then in red-zone work, Corner made a well-timed leap along the left side of the end zone to break up an on-the-money throw from Edwards for Lee Evans. Corner is working as the backup to Will James in the slot in the nickel defense.

Good job, Reggie. We’ve been rootin’ for you all along…


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I never thought I’d live to see the day. Have mercy.

Comment by M.J.

I take it you read Marshawn’s YardBarker blog?

Comment by TheTick

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