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The post in which we discuss Fantasy Football by errantremark

Kevin over at the BfloBlog was gracious enough to set up our little Buffalo Blogger Fantasy Football league this year.

Which means I am a big enough jerk that I’m going to MOCK KEVIN AND HIS FREAKING LAME TEAM NAME.

BfloBlog? Really, Kevin? You mean you couldn’t do something like “All Vowels are Dead To Me” or “BfloBlogFather”? I’ve heard you’ve had good team names in the past. Make up for it.

But Kevin isn’t the only one. Goose’s Roost cheaped out. Buffalo Rumblings is equally as lame. About the only people who were cool enough to come up with AWESOME team names were yours truly and NoAccount. Now I’m not saying we’re better than anyone else or that we’re going to win this fantasy league in some order approximating 1 and 2, but I am saying no one is going to beat us and we’re going to win this league in some order near 2 then 1.

So have a look at the standings. I’ve IDed everyone and appropriately mocked.

For those teams that have weak names (including mine), please help us come up with something awesome.

Here are the blogs represented in our league (Or at least that I know of):

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To be fair, we just put the blog name to identify ourselves. We will have a “real” name up soon if I have my way…

Comment by Ryan

nuts to not getting invited.

Comment by tgetman

i think our blog’s name should be… “pink jerseys suck”. they do. we have to get the word out.

Comment by pinkjerseyssuck

I want to do fantasy football, but apparently, I am a “poor sport” and a “sorry loser” and no one will play against me in the private leagues.


Comment by M.J.

That’s because you are MJ. You are. We’ll make our own league. Ryan’s new name is going to be Roose’s Goost.

Comment by twoeightnine

MJ, I don’t know if I could handle beating you in a league because then it would inspire a 10,000 word, Simmons-style post robbing me of my manhood in such a way that makes me quiver to think about.

Comment by errantremark


Who told you?!?

Comment by Ryan

I just can’t decide if I should resurrect some past team names, or try to be original.

I loved “Don’t be so Crabbe” but I might be doing the league a disservice by not producing an original work.

Comment by KevinP


How about “Bucky Dun Gun”

or “MotherBucker”

I don’t know. Anything to explain this: http://www.buffalonews.com/sports/billsnfl/story/414847.html

Comment by errantremark

Oh, is THIS where the smack talk starts?? I wanted to use something Tick-related that actually sounded like a team name and not just a catch phrase. Thought I was thiiiiis close to going with Furry, moist avenger!

I’ll name you Speak, because, that’s what you do!

Comment by TheTick

[…] a month ago, some of the younger kids on the scene mocked me for having put in the placeholder nickname of “BfloBlog” for my team. This […]

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Changed it just for you, Evan. “Buffalo Rumblings” is no longer, at least in this fantasy league. You will now bend to the will of the team known as “TravisHenryIsMyDad”.

Comment by Brian Galliford

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