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Resurrected…. and it feels so good by buckybrooks

How have you been sleeping the last few days Bills Nation? Not well? Lots of tossing and turning? Up all hours all night worried about the status of my Bills Bus?

Well, sleep well now, Bills Nation. The bus has risen from the dead.

Turns out that what brought down a 2-ton party machine was nothing more then a small, corroded yellow wire. That’s it. If 20 years of massive frame corrosion hasn’t stopped the bus yet, well then there’s no way a little wire’s gonna stop our big friend. Me and my bus laugh in the face of frayed wires. Well mainly my bus. I had no idea what the problem was. I half expected when the bus broke down that there would be a part under the hood holding a little “Fix Me” sign. And when that didn’t happen, I was out of ideas.

So all the credit goes to my new best friend AJ. Without him, the bus would slowly be eroding into a gigantic rust ornament in my parents driveway. Instead, our season is saved. So hats off AJ, hats off.

The bus’ resurrection got me thinking about other notable resurrections in history.


Death: Lazarus

Resurrecter: Jesus

Date: 30ish AD

Impressiveness: Pretty impressive. Everybody loves a good comeback story, and Lazareth arguably had history’s first. Too bad no one was around to put it on YouTube.


Death: The Buffalo Bills 1998 season

Resurrecter: Doug Flutie

Date: October 11, 1998

Impressiveness: Very. The Bills had fallen to an 0-3 start under Rob “Mr. Sack” Johnson before the 27th injury of Rob’s career forced Doug into the game. We all know the rest. Doug not only saved the season, but arguable the franchise as the renewed interest sold all the needed club seats to renew the lease.


Death: Elvis

Resurrecter: The World Weekly News

Date: Monthly

Impressiveness: While the resurrection of Elvis was impressive the first time, it loses its luster after the World Weekly News touts it month after month. We get it, he’s alive. Now stop recycling your news. Besides, we’re long overdue for that weird alien dude to endorse a political figure.


Death: My Bills Bus

Resurrecter: AJ

Date: Thursday evening.

Impressiveness: One of the most impressive in modern history. Battling rain, an assistant (me) as clueless as the Chinese news media, and a bus undercoating rust-frosted like a wedding cake, AJ still got the job done. Even the Taliban didn’t face odds this menacing back in 2001.


So we are locked and loaded for football season(s). First tailgate event – UB football’s season opener… so if you are going – meet up with us for the first official tailgate of the year. And help us raise a glass to AJ – official mechanic emeritus of the Dukes.

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Awesome news. I was actually going to ask my mechanic tomorrow but this is much better.

Comment by twoeightnine

I like how the order of awesomeness went:
1. Bus
2. Flutie/Bills
3. Savior of mankind raising someone from the dead
4. crappy website

Jesus only beat the crappy website. Not that I agree, but you gotta love Buffalo.

Comment by pinkjerseyssuck

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