Dukes of Awesome

Late blogroll additions by errantremark
  1. My Safety is Harvard – I dig smart chicks, but holy crap look at her posts about Henrik Tallinder Mike Ryan (thanks brian). If there were someone out there in the blogosphere who better encapsulates our kind of obsession, good luck finding them. Plus she loves our name. Which is something we use quite often to, you know, make it happen.
  2. The Willful Caboose – Because Top Shelf informs me it’s her one-year anniversary and that she’s pretty good at what she does. Which she is. Nice.
  3. Top Shelf – Because I am an idiot and hadn’t added her when we started. What a faux pas. Insensatez. Unforgivable. Now it’s fixed.

And yes they’re all ladies. What can I say? I love ’em.

Which is a perfect segway into this: The Dukes e-mail address is talleywhackers (at) gmail (dot) com, so if you want to hit us up with tips, with notes, with dates, you know, drop us a line.

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Isn’t My Safety is Harvard unreasonably obsessed with Mike Ryan (who now lives in Russia) and Top Shelf stalking Henrik Tallinder? You may have those backwards.

Comment by brian s.

Thanks for the props! I am completely infatuated, it’s true, with your blog name AND it’s content.

Anyone who so effectively mocks the Toronto Maple LEAVES fan base has earned a forever spot in my heart.

Comment by M.J.

I’m not STALKING Henrik Tallinder per se. I have no desire to actually MEET him. I’m simply… admiring from afar. It’s PERFECTLY NORMAL and HEALTHY. Really, it is…

(Thanks for the add!)

Comment by Heather B.

Shameful. Not even the right Insensatez.

Comment by Megg

Sorry Heather. I just couldn’t think of another verb to replace obsessed, which I had just used previously. And you’re right, it is perfectly NORMAL. Ha.

Comment by brian s.

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