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Sabres Sign Colton Fretter by pinkjerseyssuck

The Sabres have picked up a forward from the ECHL, or, the “Premiere AA League,” Colton Fretter of the Gwinnett Gladiators. I know you want me to make a punny joke here about his name. So I’ll think about it.

Apparently these 2 pictures are the same guy

Haven’t heard of Colton Fretter? Don’t fret (ha! I did it), I’ll tell you all you need to know.

1. Despite missing 21 games that season, he was named the 2007 CCM Tacks ECHL Rookie of the Year. That’s impressive. Or maybe he’s like that kid on your hockey team who should have gone to the travel team but his parents didn’t have the time or money to let him play on it so he just kicked everyone’s butt.

2. He played in the ECHL All-Star game, a game in which he scored the game winning goal for the American Conference. Boo-yah.

3. It appears he has a lazy eye.

4. He plays forward, shoots right.

5. He’s 5-10, 187lbs, 26 years old, and an Ontarionian – so he could find it easy to feel at home here in BuffalOntario.

6. His stats for the 06-07 season were as follows: 49 gp, 35g, 29a, 64 pts, +3

7. During the 07-08 season, he jumped from 1 AHL team (Bridgeport) to another (Chicago), then back to the Gwinnett Gladiators, so he doesn’t have any really relevant stats.

8. He played at Michigan State in college, and averaged about 30 PIM. Once he got into the Premiere AA league, though, his PIMs shot up to 46. What a rebel.

9. He was selected by the Atlanta Thrashers in round 8 (#230 overall) of the 2002 NHL Entry Draft.

So I know that now you’re dying for my predictions. Well, I really have no idea, mostly because I didn’t know the ECHL even existed until today (that might be an exaggeration). So, the next time his name comes up, I promise to update everyone. Until then, I wouldn’t worry about memorizing his stats.

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He played it the ECHL 2 yrs ago. Not last year.
He was with the Chicago Wolves last year but didn’t play much ’cause he was the new kid on an overage old guy league and was traded toBridgeport, where he ended his season, while Tambellini was with the Islanders and for some Islander salvation, ha ha. When Tambsi came back – Fretter was on the bench. Blah, Blah, Blah, Your “frets” comment and take on the whole thing is really quite old and really not very original considering the guy is over 25. Every media organizagion has picked up on that analogy, so you must be a pretty regular guy and totally full of yourself. Boo-yah! Totally east coast! Go Buffalo ONTARIO!!! Simple folk! Did you know Fretter and Miller and are both MSU people??????? and chumly?????? As for the lazy eye?????? You’re graspin’ for nuts!!!!!!

Comment by spfremi

Are you related to this guy or something? Either way, I wanted to thank you for pointing out mistakes I didn’t make. Where exactly did I say he played in the ECHL last year? Cause I’m pretty sure I didn’t. And thank you for re-writing things I already wrote, like telling us all where he played last year and that he went to MSU. Did you even read this before you commented on it?

-OH- I CAN NOT believe that someone else has already made a pun on his last name!!! Totally shocked! Completely. I really thought I was the first person to pick up on that. I should stop being so punny. So thanks for letting me know that some random Canadian news outlet made a joke on the name “Fretter” back in 2001 when you were apparently following this guy’s career closer than Terry Glenn follows Bill Parcels.

And I’m not a guy. But I AM totally full of myself.

Comment by pinkjerseyssuck

btw, if “spfremi” is some weird nickname for Colton Fretter, welcome to Buffalo.

Comment by pinkjerseyssuck

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