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AFC East now contains TWO of the most insufferable QBs of all time: Brady and Favre by errantremark
August 7, 2008, 4:19 am
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Brett Favre is apparently a Jet.

I for one am stoked – taunting the Jets on November 2 and December 14 (ROAD TRIP!) got that much sweeter.

My favorite part is how strange Brett Favre’s scruffy, boozy face is going to look in New York. Will it be all fun-loving gunslinger, all the time? Or will Jets fans, who are much less forgiving than Packer fans, turn that redneck grin into a pain-killer fueled frown (wait, sorry, I meant this.)?

I’m looking forward to a Namath-style end of his career in New York, with a healthy dollop of legacy tarnishing by a brutal New York media.

And you know who benefits most from this? Tom Brady. The man is going to take on one of the “all-time great QBs” who is now on a crappy team twice a year. All Brady has to do is not throw a pick, and Favre will look even worse.

There is no way this ends well for Favre, right?

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I grew up in the Green Bay area and have been a Packer fan all my life. As a Packer fan I realize that this is not the Brett Favre show. Most of Wisconsin and me have been Favre fans, but his arrogance really came out in the last month.

Thinking he could change his mind multiple times about retiring, then expecting to get the starting QB position just because he’s Favre, and lastly crying about it when he doesn’t get it and blaming Packer management because he can’t make a decision and stick with it….yeah, pretty arrogant!

Going to New York will be poetic justice. If he thought retiring and leaving the game was tough, wait until that New York media you mentioned gets a hold of him.

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