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Happy Birthday, Donte Whitner, Honorary Duke of Awesome by errantremark

Hey, it’s Donte Whitner’s 23rd Birthday! If you’re Facebook friends with the man (and we are, so suck that bitches), you were invited to his 2nd Birthday Bash (2nd meaning second big bash, obv. not his 2nd birthday. Though Donte is so awesome, he probably decided to not celebrate his birthday until last year. He’s that badass.)

Anyway, we unfortunately missed it, but I bet it was awesome. Though this is late, here’s a video of Mr. Whitner giving everyone fashion advice on what they should wear to the party. I believe these are tips you should incorporate into your everyday wardrobe. You’ll lead a happier and more awesome life.

“Come Different”

As a bonus, here’s a video of Donte showing you how he, Paul Pozluzny and Marcus Stroud are getting ready to decimate the league. Watch though – Donte’s got the TV presence for a post-Bills TV career. ESPN, take note!


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