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We just wanted to throw it over to Kevin at the BfloBlog for this excellent, excellent post on Sabres season ticket renewals.

With the Sabres at a 97% renewal rate for season tickets, especially after a season where they (barely) missed the playoffs, it shows the absolute devotion local Sabres’ fans have to their team.

What’s interesting is Kevin’s analysis of why, with local MSM bashing the Sabres on a regular basis, a team in (relative) flux, and a tough economy:

What Sabres fans do ask for on a year-in and year-out basis is a competitive team that’s fun to watch, and is also affordable to go see. I think what’s often lost in the grumbling about the Sabres is that while “mediocrity” is not acceptable, neither is having a team that prices 75% of Western New York out of seeing them. The Sabres were competitive last season, they were fun to watch (especially when you stopped constantly comparing them to the previous year’s team) and they were affordable on many nights to the fans. Sure, “gold” games are not for those on a tight budget, but here were values to be had for those willing to look.

My absolute favorite part was this little nugget on the forgiving, patient, and extremely knowledgeable support Sabres’ fans give not only the players, but also management:

4) Maybe we all don’t think Regier’s an idiot… Many people are able to see that Buffalo doesn’t see the value in overpaying for free agents, and that it is an organizational philosophy to largely grow their talent from within. I understand that not every fan agrees with that, but it is what the Sabres believe. Those who are screaming the loudest about the Sabres incompetency seem to be those who don’t agree with that thought process. But based on the desires of ownership and the personal philosophies of upper management it is what it is.

It’s a good read, and it gives you hope for not only the Sabres’ chances in Buffalo, but it shows the Buffalo fan values its team moreso than any other.

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