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Ratatat! The K-Gun is Untouchable by errantremark

One of our excellent readers (and good friends) Big Red posted these amazing blasts from the past in the Dukes of Awesome Facebook Group of Awesomeness today, and it got me almost as pumped as Miller Time.

I mean, HOLY CRAP man, right? I love these period pieces. It reminds you of a more innocent place and time, back in the day when Kevin Costner was still cool, the 60s were the 80s of their day, and Jim Kelly, Bruce Smith and Thurman Thomas were making the AFC look silly on a daily basis. Those were the days.

You got anymore awesome memorabilia from your favorite team? I know some of you Sabres folks are packin some classic French Connection style stuff, and maybe even a few of you Giants fans can hearken us back to the pre-Hostetler days, when Phil Simms was, you know, not coming up small. Post them in our Facebook group (you have to join first), or drop us an e-mail (talleywhackers (at) gmail (dot) com with your memories.


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I don’t have a picture of it, and haven’t yet been able to find one, but I used to have a Kelly’s Heroes poster when I was a kid. They were all standing around military equipment and it was pretty bad ass.

Comment by brian s.

If you find that poster I swear to god we will adopt you for at least one day.

Comment by errantremark

[…] Awesome have a nice post about Bills books to get you through the summer. They also have an awesome poster of Jim Kelly, which I wish […]

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