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What to do when you’re pinched, by Marshawn Lynch by errantremark

Marshawn Lynch looks like he’ll be cited for a traffic violation after hitting a woman with his truck and driving away. A traffic citation. That’s it.

We would have our resident legal expert break down this legal voodoo, but we think Lynch pulling this off makes him more of a master of the legal system. His tips for not cracking under the pressure are below.

now i’m gettin maseff ready fo da season. no mo stressin ova drama. no mo worryin bout what dey sayin in da media. mah boyz (jizzy) james hardy and (sizzlez) steve johnson both be gettin demselfs ready too. know why? cuz we boyz. we keep together. we keep our mouf shut. as jimmy conway (robert de nizzy fo sho) said, don’t be a rat.

Your First Pinch

i learned that way back when we watch goodfellas in the town (OAKLAND), and it stuck with me to this day. thanks, jimmy.

HT for finding his voice: Marshawn Lynch’s Yardbarker Blog

HT for the story: The Buffalo Nizzle

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[…] What to do when you’re pinched, by Marshawn Lynch […]

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