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Donte Whitner: Hard hitter, scaring people straight by errantremark

We love that we have a player like Donte Whitner that gives us reason to say good things about the Bills. Hell, even Florio had to give the man props, and he never says anything good about the Bills.

The reason? Whitner has taken it upon himself to show Leodis McKelvin the ropes, ensuring no McLovin-type mistakes from our top draft pick. He’s taken him into his home, teaching him stuff to make him a high-impact player from the get-go, and even showing him how NOT to behave outside the stadium (and oh how I wish Whitner could reach every Bills player on that level).

Tangentially I know Donte Whitner. By that I mean I’m one of his many Facebook friends. By that I mean I’M A STALKER. However, if his “news feed” is any indication of the type of guy he is (and shut up, if you know facebook, you know you get updates for everyone, so don’t accuse me of creepiness. I’d admit it if I did), he’s a really great dude – involved in his hometown scene in the arts, in social activities, and even causes. A real decent dude.

That being said, if a guy can do this, then you’d listen to him pretty hard too:


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