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Sabres Draft Big with Tyler Myers by pinkjerseyssuck


Possibly worth more than $2.6 million

He’s only 19, so he actually still has one year of junior hockey eligibility (so he can’t play in the minor leagues).  So the Sabs have to choose if he plays with them of goes back down to the Juniors.  I’ll be watching the 9 games I’m almost positive they play him in.  Here’s hoping he plays with the maturity and presence this team needs on the ice so he can jump right into 50 games or so 😀


That’s right, our new biggest defensive player is Tyler Myers, 6’7″ tall (he’s the tall one) and 202 lbs (which I would say is a bit thin for 6’7″), likely our biggest draft pick ever. I’m sure you’re already thinking “Chara,” but this man (boy) is different. Not only does he actually have a working equilibrium, but he reportedly has been working on his offensive game lately, which would be nice. And definitely un-Chara.

The Sabres traded a third round pick to move up one spot from 13 to 12 to pick this guy. This was a weird move, and I swear Darcy did it so we’d be out of the arena by 9pm. (That’s right, Mr. “I write 4 posts in one day” Errantremark and I were chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool at the arena this fine June evening sucking down booze and distracting Nick Mendola whillst he was on the air. We tried meeting up with FTCLTL but that didn’t work out because we’re writers and therefore consistently late. And maybe we think we’re just a little cooler than them.) My spouse and I were talking about this move on our ride home, and here’s why it was a little weird. There’s 3 situations: 1. LA wanted Myers and traded him away for very little; 2. LA didn’t want him and suckered the Sabres into a trade; or 3. He was next on LA’s “to draft list” and they were just going to default to him, so it wouldn’t take much for them to trade down. I think 3’s the most likely, so we overpaid for the switch. The Sabs should have just given them Afinogenov, considering the creepy foreshadowing in the Sabres Store tonight anyways:

And another 10% off for Season holders!! Time to re-focus. The most interesting part of this pick, for those of us watching, was how extraordinarily tall his mother was. Now, I know the boy is tall, but my brother is 6’4″ and my mother is only 5’7″. So she’s got some ‘splaining to do. Cause that chic looked like a normal height next to her son, and her son is freakishly tall. Therefore, the woman is huge.

He’s a youngin, so I wouldn’t expect to see him wearing the ol’ blue and gold anytime soon, but I like him, and the sentiment at the arena tonight seemed to be the same. (As opposed to the usual reaction to Bills first-round picks). He was also rumored to be in the top 6 of the picks tonight, so we made out like bandits.

And the drafting didn’t stop at Tyler Myers. After missing their chance on Tyler Cuma, the Sabres moved down their “Top Tyler Picks” list to pick up Tyler Ennis. Quite the opposite of Myers, Ennis is only 5’9″ and plays center. I’m not as psyched about him, but I’m not complaining either.

Both Tyler’s come from the WHL, one from Kelowna and one from Medicine Hat (which is a ridiculous team name). They’re both under 19 and need some developing, but are strong players none-the-less. I trust the Sabres drafting history too, which includes players like Mike Ramsey, Lindy Ruff, Smehlik, Barnaby, Housley, Campbell, Miller (at #138!!) etc etc etc. So looks like a not so disappointing day for Sabres fans. Can’t say the same for never-win-again-ov though.

I want to give a shout out to those fans (who weren’t at Taste of Country) who came to the draft party. I know my shout out isn’t as cool as the Sabres’ from the draft podium (about 3 minutes in), but way to represent everyone! I know Detroit couldn’t/wouldn’t do the same with their fans, and it just reinforces the fact that we really are the new HockeyTown. Plus it makes me feel all fuzzy inside watching kids play floor hockey in the arena.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering how much I hate pink jerseys:


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