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Tim Russert, journalist and most visible champion of the Bills in Buffalo by errantremark

We here at the Dukes of Awesome really dropped the ball on coverage of Tim Russert’s passing. But RealWiley was busy getting famous (Here’s some clues as to his secret identity), BuckyBrooks is a secret agent and thus deployed on a top secret mission to decode some black ops budgetary analysis, Pinkjerseyssuck was busy suing people, and I was probably napping.

While there were aspects of his politics and even journalism ethos we, collectively, took issue with, you could never say Russert wasn’t a Son of Buffalo. He was always talking up the town – doing high profile promotion of Buffalo Old Home Week, mentioning the Bills, and taking down the lying liars of Washington in his spare time.

What follows are a series of videos of Russert making mention of his hometown and favorite teams and some remembrances we liked of him, particularly Tommy Brokaw’s. Thanks for being a champion for us, Tim, we’ll miss you.

PS- in what is probably an inappropriate sidenote, but even now, days after his death, if you type “Tim Russert” into youtube’s search bar, it “suggests” the phrase “Tim Russert Farts.” Did I miss something here? Either way, farting on national television is a sure way to endear oneself to me. We’ll miss you, big guy.

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