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Has anything sounded so lame as “Toronto Bills”? by errantremark

Of course they won’t be called the Bills if they move to Toronto, but still. What the fuck. If this is supposed to be a sharing agreement, it’s not exactly projecting a very even agreement.

First, KSK, you guys are a bunch of ASSHOLES. Also you callous commenters at Deadspin. You Yankees, Mets, Red Sox, Rangers, etc. fans might have goddamn terrible teams for long stretches of time, but you’ll never be at risk of losing them. Well, unless you’re an NFL team in Los Angeles, but at that point you just wouldn’t care. I think the only town that would ever sympathize is Cleveland, and that’s cuz Art Modell is a dick. Ralph Wilson might be a crotchety old coot, but he’s OUR crotchety old coot.

The problem is this logo – after being reassured the Toronto games were not necessarily a precursor to a move – makes clear the goal of dissociation with the city of Buffalo.

But from a marketing perspective, what in the hell is the Bills front office thinking? Sure, you got the Bills logo in there, but did they honestly believe no one would notice that the word “Buffalo” is nowhere to be found on there? It’s not even subtle! Even paying lip service to a joint Buffalo/Toronto team would be better than this.

What kills me is that it appears the regional news coverage is asleep at the wheel again – did anyone ask why, if the Bills are truly “visiting” Toronto for a couple games, there is no mention of Buffalo? Not a single article in any regional paper mentioned this fact.

Nitpicking? No way. Specific? You’re goddam right. Buffalo sports fans have bruised psyches, and even subtle jabs at it provoke a bad reaction.


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What ever happened to teams moving and keeping their names? Where would we be today if not for our LA Lakers, Utah Jazz, Memphis Grizzlies, Tennessee Oilers (albeit short-lived) et al?

Interesting tid-bit: everyone’s favorite racist NFL team name originated in Boston. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Relocation_of_professional_sports_teams#National_Football_League)

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