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Can Marshawn recover his image? by errantremark

Errantremark: well, at least it’s only a misdemeanor

Realwiley: still, takes a lot of the luster off

Errantremark: more or less than T.O.?

Realwiley: well, way less

Errantremark: I’m not worried – it could have been way, way worse, and it’s clear he did something wrong, but no one was (seriously) hurt, and it’s the case of a 22 year old making a dumb mistake

Hopefully, we find it doesn’t warrant suspension (ed. Note: or arrest)

Realwiley: Yeah, I just mean, the joking good guy thing is pretty much gone, or diminished

Errantremark: It’s a little diminished, but not gone. He can earn it back. As long as he handles it well, and from the sounds of it, “no comments” aside (and entirely understandable), it’ll work out.

I mean, Ray Lewis (maybe, but we recklessly assume) murdered someone(s), and he’s a charismatic leader of the Ravens, according to ESPN.

Realwiley: Well, to his teammates. His national cred is pretty shoddy.

Errantremark: Really. Sseriously? Google “ray lewis.” Actually, I take that back. Search “ray lewis” on espn.com

Realwiley: um

Errantremark: You or I might always remember he’s (linked to) murderer, but he did win a super bowl.

In fact, the murder stuff seems to have helped his image (though it is quite a different image than Marshawn’s).

Realwiley: That’s the problem. Marshawn’s image is the happy go lucky good guy. Doesn’t square with a hit and run, no comment, and the fog of DWI.

Errantremark: There’s no way he can get a dwi. Like, zero, absolutely zero chance

Realwiley: Well, he already, i’m guessing, drove drunk once

Errantremark: As have many people, I’m sure, and I don’t mean that as a knock. What I mean is there’s no way they can prove he drove drunk. The car was recovered Sunday.

Realwiley: Right, but i’m not the star of the Buffalo Bills.

Errantremark: Marshawn was never in custody

Realwiley: No, they won’t prove it. But that’s the assumption.

Errantremark: And?

Realwiley: Popular assumption

Errantremark: So? How long will that last?

Realwiley: And, it affects his image. his image isn’t a court of law, there’s no reasonable doubt.

Errantremark: Let’s say he gets charged with a hit-and-run misdemeanor and is sentenced, fined, whatever, all before the start of the season.

I’m going to bet it’s referenced once the entire year. Hell, Ben Roethlisberger wrecked his motorcycle, stupidly, wasn’t wearing a helmet, is constantly photographed drunk off his ass. Yet he’s still a Pittsburgh hero. This is going to be a case where Marshawn being in Buffalo is going to really help the situation.

Realwiley: I mean, in the city where it happens, there’s rarely any blowback for anything. I mean league wide, the willingness of reporters and the networks to suck him off, good coverage, etc. In Buffalo, he’s Lynch. Sullivan will write some haughty column and that’s that

Errantremark: Brett Favre, addiction to painkillers.

Realwiley: That’s an extreme example involving one of the top 5 players ever, and a victimless crime.

Errantremark: You mean his wife and children didn’t suffer?!

You mean the hundreds of people that idolize him didn’t suffer?!

Realwiley: I mean, you can argue that it any case. But drug abuse is self-inflicted at least.

Errantremark: Right, I’m just saying we haven’t heard the extent of the woman’s injuries – none whatsoever – aside from she was treated and released.

Realwiley: Sure, and they probably weren’t bad.

Errantremark: Marshawn HAS to make no comment, if only because no information is out there, if he says anything publically, it can be twisted. It sucks, but that’s the way it has to be done now, in litigation.

Realwiley: We’ll see what he does. I’m not making a case that he’s the new Vick, or anything like that. But it won’t be the same. Regardless, when you hit someone with your car and 3 am in a party district, take off, and only get caught because someone saw your tag = not good

Errantremark: I’m not arguing it’s not good, but I also don’t think it’s that bad, relatively speaking, where his image is concerned. If he gets in another incident?

Then I can see that.

Realwiley: I disagree. I think it’s pretty bad. While still saying, of course, he can still be a generally well-liked star, and all that. He’ll be fine if he keeps his nose clean after this

Errantremark: But from what we know now, it’s a 22-year-old who made a mistake – not really victimless, but relatively speaking, innocuous.

Realwiley: I just don’t see it as innocuous. It’s only so because of luck.

Errantremark: Whoops, caveat on injuries: she took a solid hit, that’s for sure: “Saturday suffered “two large bruises” near her hips and needed seven stitches at Buffalo General Hospital, where she was treated and released.”

Realwiley: I think he’ll be fine though, we agree on that. This is a pretty poor sign of judgment, but he’s got too much at stake, and I’m sure his agent will get down his throat now.

Errantremark: Yeah, he can rebound.

Realwiley: Yeah. I mean, if she hits her head on the pavement, and is now in critical condition, this is a whole different story. And the reason she didn’t had nothing to do with Lynch.

Errantremark: My thinking (and relative justification) is that it’s not a black mark that has to follow him around the rest of his life.

Realwiley: Right.

Errantremark: Man, sometimes when I look at my own arguments, I shock myself with how I can justify certain behavior. Thank god I don’t have children.

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