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BETRAYAL by errantremark

As Commander-in-Chief of the military, I totally understand this.

But as a college sports fan, and one loyal to my alma mater, I have to ask GW, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING?

Chest bumping an Air Force grad? SERIOUSLY?! I thought you were loyal! Yale all the way! WTF?!

I hope the Yale Sports message boards are lighting up because of this….this….BETRAYAL. I hope those Ivy Leaguers are outraged. I hope John Kerry – a fellow Yale alum – calls for censure. Hillary Clinton – another Yale alum – has full cause to incorporate this into her campaign.

Gawd, I can’t wait till this guy is out of office.

HT: Laura via Beltway Confidential

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I never knew that the Yale/Air Force rivalry was this heated.

Comment by twoeightnine

It has come to my attention that based on the three people you named who are Yale grads, that I am not a big fan of Yale grads.

My friend Jack Kukoda and you excepted.

Comment by KevinP

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