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Bittersweet – 5 AFC East/North things we actually like by errantremark

Bucky wrote yesterday about loathing just about every other NFL team, and I agree with just about everything he said. Our collective make-up forces us to hate every team that is not the Bills.

But I got a message yesterday saying our list was a bit of sour grapes:

it’s hilarious because this guy is sooo pathetic. and he admits it! not directly mind you, but he does make it known. i love how he uses the word “bitter” instead of “jealous.” he’s jealous of the tradition of the towel and what it represents…loyalty, being behind your team, being more of a part of your team. this guy wishes he was born in Pittsburgh so he could wave a towel! so i can not be mad at someone who so dearly wants to be one of us. i pity him.

Look, Village People aside, I get the Terrible Towels. I really do. It doesn’t mean I like them. In fact they are only one step above the Atlanta Braves’ Tomahawk Chop as far as annoying stadium traditions go (and that’s only because the Atlanta thing is a wee bit, uh, offensive. Also: SID BREAM ruined my childhood. Long story.) And, sorry Steelers fans, Steely McBeam was a lifestyle choice, though I’ll allow he was just born that way.

It’s not jealousy of success or being a part of something – any team can win titles when you know the Iron Curtain was fortified to make it Steel. And ask any Seahawks fan: 2006 was a great year for officiating. Also, Bills fans are a community unto themselves – misery loves company, AMIRIGHT?! (Note: Bills fans should not watch that video if they value their sanity)

But, liberated football fans that we are, there are certain aspects of other teams we like, even on the Steelers. So what follows are a few things we like from the teams we made fun of yesterday. But here’s a caveat, currently it might be piling on, but I will never, ever, say anything nice about the Dolphins. I hate them more than I hate the Yankees.

  1. Resurgent Browns: Kellen Winslow Jr. is insane, Derek Anderson might be a fluke, and Brady Quinn. Three reasons to be a nervous Browns fan. However Cleveland and Buffalo are brothers in Rust, and demonstrating good football can be profitable in a small market gives us Bills fans hope.
  2. Hines Ward: I don’t think I need to add anything to this: (ed. Note: if anyone has the youtube video of Ward demolishing Ed Reed, you get a gold star)
  3. No one else likes Jets fans either: Raiders fans are more ostentatious, Eagles fans are just mean, and Cowboys fans are gross, but no one takes more pride in being maligned than a J-E-T-S fan.
  4. Cincinnati fans know what it’s like: Chris Henry, Odell Thurman, years of losing, heartbreaking finishes, and when they’re close, this happens:OH MY GOD LOOK OUT! *crunch*
  5. Drew Bledsoe: He was downplayed later in his career, but the man was a decent dude; loved in New England, loved in his brief time in Buffalo, and unfairly portrayed as a (relative) bust. He had a very solid career and I gotta give him respect.

So yeah, it’s possible for rabid fans of different teams to live in harmony. In the offseason. Come September 7, however, look out.

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[…] Bittersweet – 5 AFC East/North things we actually like […]

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As they so annoyingly say on ESPN…Ed Reed got “Jacked UP! http://ballhype.com/video/hines_ward_lays_out_ed_reed/

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