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Season of Hope: Bills Season Ticket Sales Might Save Buffalo Football by errantremark

too obscure?Billy at DieHardBillsFan had a post about how many season tickets the Bills have sold thus far this year: 49,000 and counting.

A few of us Dukes are part of that number, though some of us are either too broke or too far away to make it happen.

One thing’s for sure – it’s time to call shenanigans on the idea that the Buffalo area can’t support an NFL team.

49,000 ticket holders is approaching Packers territory (They have 55,000 plus a multi-year waiting list) and outside of the obvious major markets (Dallas, NYJets, NYGiants, Washington (holy crap Dan Snyder is a douche)), I can’t imagine the Bills rank poorly. I mean Jacksonville is STILL struggling to draw fans, so much so ESPN says they’re tying their hopes to David Garrard as a draw (A QB who is known for not making mistakes, not electric play, run against the Steelers nonwithstanding.)

Granted, the Bills still have about the cheapest tickets in the league, made cheaper by the game in Toronto. All things being equal though, I’ll take losing one home game a year to a regional city if it preserves the Bills in Buffalo.

Around the ‘sphere (too lingo-y? maybe.):

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I lived in Toronto for 8 years (from Memphis) and that’s how I became a Bills fan. Having that game in TO isn’t a threat to Buffalo – I think it’ll just really open a huge market for Buffalo, one that has 5 million people within 2 hours. There are already a lot of Bills fans in Toronto, but many don’t want to root for a team with no direct tie to the city. The game in Toronto is really going to help attendence – especially for season tickets which can be pricey. There are a lot of well-off people in Toronto who are big sports fans with disposable income.

Comment by GW South

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