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Mr. Reggie Footballplayer by pinkjerseyssuck

Round 4 pick 114: Reggie Corner…back

Reggie Cornerback

That’s right folks. This man has carried out his destined name similar to those who came before him- including the Rev. Dr. Forrest Church, “Baldwin the Bald,” Dr. David J. Mitten-hand surgeon, Dr. Evil, Judge Reinhold and his Hung Jury (although he tried to deny his destiny in naming his show “Mock Trial with J. Reinhold“) and of course, the exciting town of Boring, Oregon.

Reggie has come a long way since his days of hanging out with Zippy – 207 miles. But if the Bills aren’t going to stay true to the MAC, who will? Besides, once a rust-belter, always a rust-belter.

His freshmen year as a red-shirt (and who knows what other factors) have put him at the ripe old age of 24. He’s 5’9″ and 175lbs. Apparently, he “plays bigger than he is” according to Bills management, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he tacks on a few pounds before August. Too bad he can’t tack on inches. But short or not, he did clock an above average speed at the combine (4.4 folks, yet Mordak called his time “so-so”) and he has superior leaping ability… like a kangaroo perhaps? He’s also been said to give 100% to every play he runs, which is a refreshing change to some of our recently departed and unmissed players. He had 15 interceptions at Akron.

However, I wouldn’t expect to see him playing right away. Besides McGee and Greer, Corner will have to fall in line behind Mr. McLovin, Will James, and one of our favorite last names, Ashton Youboty. I’m not saying he can’t prove his way through some of those men, but he’s not walking onto the line next week. What he does have going for him is the lure of attracting more female fans… and perhaps converting some pink jersey wearers. How? It’s a lot easier to understand the game when everyone’s jersey is marked by the position they play. Maybe it’ll start a trend.

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