Dukes of Awesome

Weird Bills stuff we have bought or own by errantremark

As a group, we’re obsessed with the Buffalo Bills. That leads to us making purchase and sartorial decisions that rational people normally don’t make. Some of these are small splurges of ephemera, though some are capital investments that family members have described as “the dumbest thing you’ve ever done.”


  • i have a Buffalo Bills pocket watch that I wear every day
  • i also have a signed photo of OJ Simpson
  • and the framed front page of the Buffalo News when he was acquitted


  • i have a piece of the old turf [from Ralph Wilson Stadium, when it was called Rich Stadium]
  • painted like a little football field. it’s like a door mat.


  • i have a poster from 1995 with jim kelly, james lofton, thurman thomas, jack kemp and oj simpson standing together wearing suits. it’s still in its original plastic wrap.
  • when i was ten i bought a jim kelly football card where his picture was a comic book drawing of him with a literal arm cannon for $20. my mom made me take it back. i resent her to this day.
  • a sweatshirt my grandma painted with a buffalo with a buffalo bills helmet on it from when i was six. i still have it in my possession.
  • 1980 NFL Films Buffalo Bills Highlight video – my dad appears cheering looking like Smokey and the Bandit, except with a full beard. Coolest style he ever rocked.
  • a bryce paup jersey. still got that too.


  • my friend has a plush Bills ball from the movie Buffalo 66
  • i dont keep stuff


  • I have every SI cover Buffalo’s been in framed.
  • And an autographed courtroom magazine shot of the Juice.
  • And an OJ jersey.
  • All 5 (yes there was 5 different ones) boxes of flutie flakes (2 of them signed)
  • Newspapers of all four AFC championship wins.
  • And a bus [ed. note: yes, literally, a bus], autographed by Paul Pozluzny

***late update***


oh fuck, i completely forgot!
I moved into this house and we had this gross couch.
Like a year later, i come to find out that my roomate’s dad worked at a furniture rental store and the couch was Cornelius Bennett’s old couch.
I’d like to think that it was the couch that he had consensual [ed. note: I can’t believe this is true]on and still get arrested.
Let me tell you, what i did on that couch was no match for what the Biscuit probably did, and i was in college.

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