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The Rap on Steve Johnson by buckybrooks

9th pick – Steve Johnson – WR – Kentucky

Steve Johnson - Buffalo Bills

Entering the 2008 draft, Bills’ fans pondered many questions. Should we first address our need at corner, or our need for a big WR? Should we trade JP Losman? Should we draft a TE to add to our ever growing stable of mediocre TEs?

There was one thing, however, that all pundits and draftniks could agree on: Buffalo’s biggest glaring weakness in the last few years has been in their complete lack of street cred. After hitting rock bottom in late 2006 (as one of the team’s top selling jerseys was punter Brian Moorman’s), Buffalo started to address this last year by drafting Marshawn Lynch. But there still was some work to do.

And thankfully, Buffalo did continue to draft for street cred in 2008. In the 2nd round, Buffalo got great value in drafting a women beater. In the 3rd round they passed on a squeaky clean Penn State LB to pick up a DE arrested for obstructing an officer. And in the 7th round they capped it off by drafting Steve Johnson.

What does Steve Johnson bring to the “street cred” table? Why, awesome freestyle rapping, of course!

Yea, I know… that was terrible. But let’s not forget that he’s a 7th round pick. If he could “lay down” a “flow” at Jay-Z’s level he would have likely been first day selection. After all, the 7th round is all about value and potential.

Here’s what else he brings us: Good size and great speed. And he’s reportedly “long”, a term that exists for no other reason then that Mel Kiper’s enjoys saying it. He had an astonishing 17.2 YPC last year – compare that to the anemic 8.4 YPC average that the un-Peerless Price gave us, and that’s a major upgrade. Plus he’s from the SEC, so you know he’s cocky – another key trait for an NFL WR.

Off course, there are some some downsides. He has no real stats other then his senior year, and even then he was only the #2 WR at Kentucky… so he couldn’t break through that vaunted Kentucky WR ranks until his senior year, and even then he wasn’t the #1 option. That’s kinda scary, because Kentucky sucks. Like, they suck a lot. Their 8-5 campaign this year was heralded as their best season ever – a season, mind you, that they lost 5 games. Also troublesome, as reported by the stat wizards at ESPN right after he was drafted, is that he had 9 sacks year. So I’m worried that he may have some major wear on his body, as apparently he’s been playing both offense and defense.

All in all though, a solid 7th round selection: he’ll bring upside and speed; and he’ll keep the lockeroom loose as his rapping provides the opportunity for many, many, many jokes from fellow teammates.

Steve Johnson fun fact: Johnson is one of two 7th round picks with fun phallic sounding last names.

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Thanks for the interesting and comical bit of reading. It seems like Johnson could be a nice addition, I like the stats on the YPC. My hope dwindles, but never dies. More importantly, his rapping skills were not that bad. It takes a lot of heart to write poetry, and a lot of guts to get up in front of people who will judge you and recite it. He allowed himself to be vulnerable, and as a result added some flavor into the world. Jay-Z ain’t shit without his production room!!!

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