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Chris Ellis – its like Anthony Hargrove, but without the steriods by buckybrooks

We Dukes of Awesome wanted to fill you in on the Bills’ 2008 draft picks, sharing analysis, tidbits and tha ish on all the various Bills prospects, whether they stick on the team or not. We’re not ones for “order” so we’re sharing them as we finish ‘em. buckybrooks chimes in on Chris Ellis.

3rd pick – Chris Ellis – DE – Virginia Tech

Welcome to Buffalo Chris Ellis.


It’s been a strange journey for Ellis, who originally was born in Hawaii, exactly 22 years to the day that Julia Child’s The French Chef premiered. He’s lived the vast majority of his life in Roanoke, Virginia, so he should be the last guy to complain about Buffalo not having anything fun to do. And he completed his collegiate studies at the always educationally-focused Virginia Tech, where he originally majored in the ever challenging “University Studies,” before he changed to a more manageable “Apparel, Housing and Resource Management” major.


But enough with that – we didn’t bring this Rhodes Scholar to Buffalo to run The Bills Store. Overall, he has good height (6’5”) and overall size, though could stand to be a bit stronger. He has decent speed, having run a 4.71 40-time, but if our defense this year features plays where Ellis routinely has to run 40 yards downfield, his speed will be the least of our concerns. He also excels in getting hurt a lot, having led the team shoulder injuries the past 3 seasons.


His stats last year were also good: 53 tackles (9 for losses), 8.5 sacks, and a forced fumble. The stats however do come with an asterisk however, as the ACC sucks. Also, he returned a pick for a TD, and if you watched any local sports report this weekend you saw that replay replayed roughly 140 times.


Anyway, the sports pundits has described him as “fiery,” which he proved quite nicely in 2006 when he was arrested for “obstructing an officer.” Coincidently, he will likely take the place of “fiery” Anthony Hargrove, as our good friend Anthony takes a year off from football because he can’t go 9 weeks without using steroids. The Bills think he’ll be an adequate replacement for Hargrove, who himself was arrested for “obstructing an officer” last summer.


Look for the Bills to rotate him in the Denney, Kelsey, and Schobel; primary as the four man in 3rd down pass situations. Since he’s reportedly weak versus the run, and his dental floss shoulder wouldn’t last the rigors of entire game, let alone a full season, don’t expect him to get considerable playing time during his first year. But then again, if you would have told me at this time last year that Michael Gaines would be dropping passes in key minutes of the 2007 season, I probably would have killed myself… so you never know.


Overall I like the pick. The drafting of Ellis continues the Bills down the path of dismantling that awful “All-White” defense line that Marv Levy constructed a few seasons ago. Plus, as an added bonus, he’ll knock our favorite Samoan Shaun Nua down the depth chart. But best of all, if by season’s end we realize he sucks, we’ll have someone who can go cheap shot Tom Brady’s knees.


BuckyBrooks’s 2008 Chris Ellis prediction: 16 GP; 1 GS; 3 sacks


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