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Getting to know you: Derek Fine – stop whining, Buffalo. by pinkjerseyssuck

We Dukes of Awesome wanted to fill you in on the Bills’ 2008 draft picks, sharing analysis, tidbits and tha ish on all the various Bills prospects, whether they stick on the team or not. We’re not ones for “order” so we’re sharing them as we finish ’em. First up is pinkjerseyssuck analyzing her latest Bills crush, Derek Fine.

5th pick – Derek Fine – TE – Kansas

Derek Fine

So Bills fans weren’t exactly hoping for Derek Fine. I still think he’s a FINE choice. (Oh My GOSH I’m hilarious!!!)

Blocking ability seems to me to be a whole lot more important than field stretching for us right now. We all saw how easily D’s got to our quaterback-of-the-week last year. If we want to see Edwards grow we need to give him a little room to, and hopefully Fine will help to create that space. I can see him really helping in the pocket. He’ll also help to even out the Black/White/Latino/Filipino ration on the team. (The rumored addition of Bruschi would also up the Filipino ratio.)(I started that rumor.)(No, I don’t like Teddy Bruschi.)(But seriously, +1 white guy.)

The 24 year-old, 6’3″, 250lb Tight End from Sallisaw, OK should fit in well around here, especially with special teams- his ability lends to possibly playing fullback and H-back, and versatility is always a plus. He’ll also be pretty distracting to opposing teams… the man is fine. (oH my GOSH I did it AGAIN!)

Because I feel I should add his scouting report: Among tight ends at the combine he finished first in the three-cone drill (6.80), second in the 20-yard shuttle (4.19) and third on the bench (24 reps).

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Oh Derek you’re so Fine
You’re so Fine you blow my mind

Hey Derek

Hey Derek

Comment by babybluejerseyssucktoo

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